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    discovered by accident… 🙂

    falkor has had a problem with nose…he has had the scabby growth that affects old and aging dogs or dogs that have scratched nose and the cankery type growth starts…clumbers are a bit prone…his was getting quite bad and i had tried various things, including vaseline on it’s own…i tend you use olive oil as a general rule…but was getting to the point with falkor where was thinking need something from vet…ami had just a little bit starting in the corners of the nostrils…rooting and such and stress i guess from being at mams…

    anyway…nephew had bought mam a vaseline and aloe vera lip balm when she was poorly and cubert got it  out of my bag ::)  he took off top…..ami took it off him and got her nose smeared in the process…by the next morning her nose had healed…so i started to use it on falkor…and his nose is doing good…after 3 days it 100% better….

    so pinky nosed dogs, old dogs with crusty noses…try it out…a useful addition to the groomers boxes  🙂

    vaseline lip therapy with aloe vera…it about £2 a tin



    oooh now this brings back memories 🙂  it is lovely stuff !!

    bev – did you try aloe plant aloe ?  my tiny baby is growing like a weed and would happily donate you a leaf or possibly two if you like should you need them 🙂

    worked wonders on my bite wounds and i did notice mine are better healed than yours  ;D

    claire x


    yep…did try and do use it…would control with repeated application…guess it just needed a greasy carrier that is hard to lick off  😀


    I use that, brill stuff – swear by Vaseline anyway – unfortunately our last tin went through the wash in Ellis trousers  ::)

    Talking of Olive Oil, went to docs yesterday as Mitchell has been having terrible problems with his hearing, tv really loud, always saying “what”, put it down to normal selective hearing from children like you do but it had got worse lately, doc said he has a build up of wax and that a couple of drops of olive oil will help – is this ok to put in dogs ears to clean them too?  🙂


    you can use it as a wipe out type cleaner but i wouldnt put it in in the same way as your doc meant for ellis…before using vals recipe i used almond oil with vit e added as a wipe out cleaner…


    Brilliant thanks Bev, got a couple customers whos dogs suffer with this – will pass on the info  :ok:


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=14063.msg265513#msg265513 date=1239206136]
    you can use it as a wipe out type cleaner but i wouldnt put it in in the same way as your doc meant for ellis…before using vals recipe i used almond oil with vit e added as a wipe out cleaner…

    Thanks, I have some Vitamin E oil – Piper’s ears aren’t dirty but the wipe idea sounds good just to freshen them up  🙂


    Going to post here as were talking ears as well.

    Val / Bev possibly one for you but – and Bev I know you have a breed who suffer with ears so you may or may not agree to any great degree but, I NEVER ever clean Honeys ears – then when i started learning to groom I felt maybe I should, I mean we did for the dogs that came in etc – fine its what you learn right, so I did – within a week she was coming down with an ear infection……coincidence? was no other reason for her too shes never had one before – and never since and I never clean her ears no more.

    I know of a dog ( labradoodle) who suffered terribly with ears ended up at some specialist – his advice, leave them alone – within a month she was clear, and I have never seen such nasty gungy ears before.

    So anything in it  ??? think its what maybe certain people use to clean? Could we over do it  ???



    bonnie occasionally suffers from really ikky ears and i have taken to using non perfumed baby wipes to clean any debris in the external parts and if bad still after a couple of days then val’s purple (blue) stuff squirted in and left a while then a quick wipe out.

    i probably wouldnt use them for a really sensitive skinned dog but bonnie doesnt seem to react – maybe test a small patch.  they are cheaper (and i think better) than the “ear wipes” you get.

    i would say i clean bonnies maybe once every 3-4 months as a rule if they need it 🙂

    claire x


    when max was at vets, i was told he was starting a bit of thrush, would vals ear spray be the thing to use?
    if so, do you get the alcohol from the chemist?


    I use aloe vera on my dogs if needed or the best one so far for natural remedies is Calendual cream or hypercal cream – excellent stuff!


    falkor reacts to calendual….his nose blisters even if he sticks it amongst marigold flowers….

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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