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    I see where this is going but I worry how it will end up


    The prats that have no control over their dogs or train them to be nasty have a habit of disappearing before anything can be done about them. Police response times can be very slow. The good owners are already stopped from taking their pets to some parks etc soon we will be lucky to be able to take the dogs anywhere with us.


    yep me too val….

    It gives authorised officers the powers to place Dog Control Notices on irresponsible owners at the first signs of dog aggression.

    define ‘first’ signs of aggression…too weak…most folk dont read body communication….first signs my ****

    Attacks which take place on private property would also become a criminal offence – a large number of dog attack incidents occur within the home and on private property. The Bill includes various exemptions such as being attacked by another animal, provocation, and attacks on individuals committing an offence for which they could be imprisoned

    provoction…mmmm…so does the gas/electricity man with the pepper spray provoke? is that an exemption?…..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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