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Advice please on diet

dogclub – Good dog food – Good for dogs Forums Dogs Health Advice please on diet

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    Kiz, I’ll answer you this afternoon/evening. Got a family funeral today so it’s all a bit hectic here.
    Been thinking again about the drinking water…….Doug doesn’t drink after eating but DOES have a drink after a bone.
    Another thing I forgot to say……after he’d had ABs and steroids, which he finished about 8 weeks ago, I gave him Bionic Biotic….

    Doug weighs 12kg


    aww…you sure in the wars all around hun…no rush…will answer when you when you ready


    You’ll probably be appalled at the way I feed :-[ but it’s worked well up until this recent drama.
    Food I use…..
    chicken wings
    Prize Choice freeflow tripe
    Prize Choice freeflow beef
    Prize choice freeflow chicken
    Breast of lamb, from butchers
    Pilchards, sardines and prawns
    Mashed up cooked veg…..carrots, broccoli. peas and anything else that’s to hand.
    Raw eggs and shell but only occasionally
    Apples/pears not on a regular basis.
    Lamb and pork bones…….ribs and leg bones.

    They get a dessert spoon of lamb, and either minced chicken or beef or tripe.
    plus a teaspoon or so of veg and about 2 teaspoons of liver/kidney or heart.

    I feed a mix because none of the dogs are keen on the offal unless I mix it in with other meat. Ditto with the tripe. But they’ll eat it in a mix.
    It’s hard to give you an exact measurement ‘cos I do it by eye rather than weighing it.

    Pilchards or sardines or white fish, sometimes tinned sometimes fresh, and a small handful of prawns. Plus the veg.

    After every meal they get a small bone……either 2-3 lamb’pork ribs or a chicken wing only about once every 10 days they get a bigger bone.

    I also give them 1 Dorwest Garlic and Fenugreek pill….daily for 3 weeks, one week off, and one squirt of Grizzly Salmon Oil daily.

    I feed once a day in the evening. I tried feeding a.m. and p.m. but they won’t eat in the morning. So they don’t go too long without food, in the morning they each have a bonio or 3-4 gravy bones. :-[
    I don’t feed any other treats…….although I do catch OH throwing them a piece of cheese or a bit of ‘human’ biscuit now and then. >:(
    I think that’s everything.


    ok hun…have read it…had the journey home from hell and am knackered and not up to anything that needs thought lol…sorry…so will ask q’s 2 mor

    the only ones i can think of at at the moment…that pork bone …how big was it and so you feed twice a day?


    Rest up Kiz, whenever you’re ready is fine. 🙂

    The pork bone was a leg bone, sawn in half…….1/2 for Doug and 1/2 for Jack.
    The bone had a big knuckle each end.

    a.m. I feed a bonio
    p.m. I feed a bowl of meat followed by a portion of bone.


    ok…will read it all and answer in morning…in the meantime…have a smile…look at my last post  🙂

    hope the boyo feeling better tonight


    ok…your mix of food is good…but you got the timings a bit wonky hun

    dogs get their instant/daily energy from fats…the food they get in the morning sets them up for the day…the food they get in the evening is therefore not ‘burned’ off…and the liver etc does the job overnight of converting it to energy…more like ourselves…
    ideally dogs fed twice a day should therefore be fed fats and proteins in the morning and if you feeding carbs …then these should be given with less fat and protein at night…this allows the dogs digestion system to work at a steadier pace without putting strain on the organs…because of this then bones should not be given in the evening…i never feed bone after about 2pm ish…certainly not hard bone…the digestion system has slowed down…starting to rest…a bone would not break down as fast…a hard bone given at night can actually take upto 16 hours to break down correctly…esp in an old dog who has organ wear and been on steroids….ok with me?

    so my advice is meaty bone OR meat/fats or oily fish etc am…followed by yoghurt or similar..if the bone is nice and meaty then they dont need extra meat and a bone that size is more than enough for a wee dog…my cubert would eat about 6 of them and a lamb breast lol

    evening…small amount of meat and the biccy with veggies/fruit

    you have got chicken wings on your list but maybe need to use a few more? …chicken wings/necks/carcasses are really good as the bone is very easily digested…i wouldnt give a 9 year old little dog a hard bone everyday…maybe say 3 times a week and the other days would give chicken wings or the ends of pork ribs or the thin breast of lamb bones…you dont mention adding oil to the bones? to help the bowel?

    i would build him up gradually…once he has found his appetite….lightly cooked liver, minced meats early am…narnies and yoghurt mid day ish and in the evening minced meats with raw oats on…raw oats are a brill pre and post biotic…

    once he eating well again and his poo is good and healthy…prob take about 10 days…then introduce easy digestable bone gradually in the mornings…chicken wing with olive oil on or breast bone or end of pork rib…take it slow, assess as you go…give the enzyme powder too on his evening meal…

    will email you more a comprehensive diet and the science info early next week

    hope that makes sense…am still a bit brain dead…lol…a girlie is on heat over the road and cubert thinks he should have access.. >:D >:D so had a night of trying to get through to a dogs brain that has dropped into his balls  ::)
    when i get chance i will catch up on his skin problem posts…i have been off the board for a while due to health probs but am catching up slowly 🙂

    keep us upto date when you have time…
    hugs to the wee one…


    hun….have been looking for the skin posts and came across this thread….

    Thanks so much for your replies…….I think I’m a bit calmer now ::)

    Doug last had bones on Saturday and he was O.K. till yesterday so as you say….probably not a blockage.
    Poor thing, since that tiny bit of chicken just now, he’s lying flat out and dragging his belly on the floor……tummy ache? He’s doing a lot of ‘stretching’ too.
    Will keep his meal tonight to a small portion of chicken and mash and I’ve got some bio yog for him too.
    Thanks again

    is doug the wee boy you just had the problem with?


    and this one??

    Doug (PRT) has had a fascination with his rear end for 2-3 days, and yesterday went absolutely crazy eating grass…..not usually a grass eater. This morning he had a large hard red swelling on one side, so I thought I’d better not tackle his anal glands myself this time.
    Vet diagnosed an abcess and prescribed a 5 day course of Antirobe (clindamycin) 75 mg. Both his glands were full. I refused the Metacam, as so far he does’nt seem too distressed.
    His diet includes veg and fruit every day and he has bones 3-4 times a week, so I am a bit bemused as to why he’s got this problem ??? Any advice please……
    1;..Can I give him his usual bones…..or should I wait till this clears up?

    2;…Will his system take a knock with the ABs, and what can I give him to boost him?

    3;..Is there anything I should give him for the discomfort in place of the Metacam?
    Thanks in advance


    start a new thread for me hun re the skin prob…am bogged down with the posts and it takes time to sort the wheat from the shaft  🙂

    put up a bullet point timeline of the flea and then skin probs and what you done and given….


    OMG! I’ve been doing it wrong haven’t I?  :-[ Poor Doug, it’s my fault he’s in this mess, having bone hanging around in his gut for too long.
    I obviously haven’t done enough research on feeding RAW. I’m just grateful the other 2 dogs haven’t come to any harm.

    Right! I’ve jotted down all the points you’ve made and from tomorrow I’ll change their feeding times. It’ll be a long time, if ever, that I give them big heavy bones. I’ll stick to chicken and lamb rib.

    Re the chicken, I’m yet to find a source here for carcass or necks. I tend to get chicken portions from the supermarket.
    Doug won’t eat chicken portions either……the other 2 will but not Doug. I’ve even tried searing them first but he still refuses. 🙁 Will happily eat minced chicken tho’.
    I’ll add oil to bones in the future too.

    Raw oats? where do I get them? Are we talking ”porridge oats? Do I just mix them in with the meat or make them into a porridge first? Sorry to sound so stupid! :-[

    Those 2 posts of mine that you quoted…….yep same dog, Doug.
    Why didn’t I connect all the incidents.  :-[

    Kiz I can’t thank you enough for putting me on the right road. :-*

    Off to do a ”skin” post.

    Cubert! Be a good boy! 😉 ;D


    have you tried plunging the chicken wings into hot water instead of searing for a few minutes to release the flavours?

    oats…yep just raw oat flakes like scots oats but a cheap one will do….just sprinkle on to meat or stir in….

    just few other things….odd question…but what is his anus like…have you noticed any change in its appearance?

    and…going to the loo…does he struggle…now i dont mean constipation…as in the poo itself being hard…but finding it hard at times to evacuate the bowel

    and….do you see any type mucus in the poo


    where abouts do you live…i will look for a source for you…but if you on good terms with your butcher and he sells portions and chicken breasts that he butchers himself you should be able to get chicken carcass from him


    Will try the plunging in hot water instead of searing.
    I use 2 local butchers for the meat and bones and neither of them have carcass etc….they buy the chicken in ready portioned. 🙁 can’t even get any in the market in town. I live in Swansea, S Wales.

    Can’t say I’ve noticed any change in his anus.
    When out walking….the 1st poop is solid, normal. Then he’ll go on to poop another 2-3 times after running. Each time it’s a little more runny. Some days, on the 3rd or 4th time he’ll get in position and be really straining and nothing coming out.

    Yep I have seen mucous on a few occassions, not a regular occurrence tho’.


    Some days, on the 3rd or 4th time he’ll get in position and be really straining and nothing coming out.

    ok…he not eliminating all at once is he?
    now…is that due to excitment of being on a walk…as in he not giving himself enough time like some pups do…or is his bowel pumping too slowly or is there another problem…

    i had this with samtoo and it was an enlarged prostate…pressing on the inside anus area….might be an idea to get that checked out…what age was he castrated?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 46 total)
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