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    6 years ago I used this forum when I rescued Ruby, a EBT cross. You were all so helpful. Val and Kiz particularly taught me so much. Ruby is still going strong and has been a huge ray of sunshine every day.

    Now I have rescued Lucy an 11 yr old bearded collie cross from the dogs trust. She came with notes saying she is good with children, calm and loves cuddles although she had been returned by previous rescuers because she was showing signs of aggression. We have found that she can be affectionate and calm. But she can also be very very aggressive. I have been making notes and trying to identify triggers with little success. She is ok with Ruby for the most part, but with people and children she has been very aggressive in different circumstances in different situations. I really want to try to work this through with her but I am afraid that there is a real risk to someone or to our existing dog (there are no children in the house). She has been with us for almost 2 weeks. We have been ‘incident free’ on only 2 days. Please help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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