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    Alfie is a small 2 year old Jack Russel Terrier, white, with tan ears and tan patch on his back.
    Alfie is a highly intelligent, bright, sweet little boy but as many he has his issues, Alfie is a very energetic little boy who just loves to do his own thing. Alot of the time Alfie doesnt like being told what to do unless he knows he is going to enjoy it, he is a stubbon little boy that likes to have it his own way.
    He loves to play with his toys either in his run or out on the grass and absoloutly adores balls, from footballs to tennis balls. He will play with anything.
    Although he is toy possesive and will let you know when he doesnt want to play and rather stay in bed.
    Alfie would ideally suit someone very active as he loves his longs walks and someone who would be willing to take up flyball or agility with him, we have tried Alfie with agility here at Teckels Animal Sanctuaries and he absoloutly loved it.
    He would not suit someone who wants a “lap dog” as he is very headstrong and would not take him long to think he is boss and start taking advantage of his new owner.
    Alfie does get on with other dogs but unfortunatly would not be able to live with cats or any other small animals, he will also need to go to a home who has previous experience of owning this breed and would be able to manage his possesivness future training and very large character.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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