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    Please check out my current foster pup, Alfie. He needs all the linking, help, promotion and donations as he can get so please feel free to crosspost and forward widely.

    [img width=468 height=297][/img]

    There’s lots of ways you can help:
    ^ including codes to put the link on your own sites!


    Im very torn with this – and how I feel about it.

    But all the very best of luck in finding the money for him  🙂


    just read this emma poor alfie – good he has you as his ambassador  :-*


    he is gorgeous and looks so happy in all the photos!  :-*


    Unfortunately I would be one of those who would consider the money required would be better spent on several dogs rather than one so whilst I wish the poster and the dog luck I would not raise money for this.


    Didnt realise this was same Alfie – brain on another planet  :-\


    Well we raised the money needed and Alfie had his surgery 2 weeks ago, it was a first time case & op for the vets involved and so far so good he’s doing well.

    I completely understand those that might think the money is not worth spending on one rescue dog, but I have no regrets and certainly a lot of people wanted to help – 100% of the money raised was given specifically for him in his own fund, so every donator wanted to help him. I firmly live by the saying “saving one dog may not change the world, but it certainly changes the world for that one dog”  ;D


    Tricky one but I do hope he gets a better quality of life from it  🙂


    Emma am glad you can see it from our point of view  :-* and while I might not agree I AM glad the surgery went well and I wish him the best for the future  :-*


    I’m glad the op went well and i hope he’s recovers well Emma 🙂 :-*


    Oh yes of course I understand I may have even had the same viewpoint at one stage in the past but a few cases have certainly changed it for me. Alfie is just as deserving of having the chance to live a normal life as any other puppy and I certainly wasn’t going to put him to sleep without giving him this chance.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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