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    Nooch was really poorly tonight – James walked him for about an hour whilst I made dinner – off lead although still velcroed to leg  ::) ::)  Anyhow they came back and nach has waggy tail as usual….
    ten minutes later he is demon dog – pawing the floor like he is digging a tunnel – hoovering the carpet with his ears – eyes swollen – hot spots everywhere.  panting a lot

    Barking and crying at me-took him out the back and examined him all over – could find nothing – no signs of anything – didnt know what to do – did my usual made it up as I went along.  I stood him in cool bath to try and calm his paws and legs down – water everywhere  ::)  I gave him some antihistimane and about 30 minutes later he actually began to calm down. 

    All I can think of is that he was stung or was in something that he shouldnt have been in but no rash no sign of any entry points – any ideas  ??? ??? am I totally off the mark


    has he been on beach?


    what colour are the paw pads

    any colour change to inside mouth/flews etc..up the nose..any swelling in the nose ears etc

    huhs noochpooch..what you done now  ::) it been a while frank spencer of the dog world  :-*


    not on beach but most certainly could have been thistles – basically on a large expanse of woodland area with overgrown areas – loads of jaggies – his paws are fine now but were pinkish earlier

    mouth was fine – healthy pink no swellings apart from his eyes looking a bit red.

    will give him apis over next 24 hours but he fine now.  James was like “video it and ask Bev” then when he calmed down was saying “make him witchy woo woo val stuff”  ::)  concern didnt last long though managed to put sneak some clothes on ironing pile whilst I was attending to poochy


    Hope he ok Mudgie  :-* :-*


    oh hes fine – just likes to keep me on mine toes so I dont take him for granted  ;D


    ami gets thistle reaction…rubs paws and carpets coir mats etc and rolls nose with it too…


    sounds same – anything i can do to minimise – will just have to find somewhere less wild for him to hunt  :-* 


    well…you could use paw wax…you could also harden up the pads with more road work and salt water baths…when you rub his pad against the lay of the skin…do they rough up or are they all smoothy smooth


    Poor Nooch, glad he’s ok Mudgie  :-*


    aww poor nooch glad he’s ok  :yes:  :-*


    Aw, glad he’s ok  :-*


    he got smoothy smooth pads  ;D  He is sooooooooo gay  :embarrass:


    then toughen them up the big wuss….. :-*


    paw wax it is then  :surrender: 

    I dont want him to be anyfing buy wuss wuss nooch pooch  ;D  but dont want him to be manic burrowing scratchy swollen boy either so paw wax – add to basket  ;D


    can’t counter surf as well with rough pads  :nono:  ;D don’t get the same slide!  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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