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    ;D Made it safely, her and OH and my sis and neices have gone to his mothers, im dog sitting – i so got the best end of this deal – Honeys asleep on the floor, Milos asleep in the chair. They have both been very good – he been told off once for pushing the bum sniffing thing then for going near her while she was on her cushion  😉 He is gorgeous and sweet and very good – and can clear the baby gate in one leap  :surprise: Honey was like heeeeeeeeeey  I cant do THAT!!  😀 Cant believe how good hes been about having a) two strange people and b) a very strange dog in his house! Got photos will upload later or tomorrow.

    Journey up was good, quiet – we left at just gone 5am!!  :sleepy: but roads were empty was here by 10am!

    Downside – I think i have conjunctivitus  :vomit: this flipping cold is just lingering  :boooo:

    Is not going to ruin my time up here – is so nice to see them all  ;D


    Few pics – how Milo and Honey were earlier (Milo still in that chair Honeys moved to the sofa 😉 )

    ate their tea together in the kitchen no problems- seriously wouldnt know either of them were here right now!


    awwwwww bless  ;D Milo is looking great  :yes:
    Glad you got up there ok hun, well done  :-*
    sounds like you need some Golden eye  ::)

    Honeygirlyouputhiminhisplace :yes: youislookinggood :-* Fritz


    was very proud of myself driving up here – furtherest ive ever been. My sister darn near had a fit with planes flying overhead as we drove near hmmm heathrow i think it was – granted the planes WERE low but i did remind her that grabbing the drivers ARM probably wasnt the best thing to do  😀

    Honey and Milo both on the sofa  😉 asleep me thinks these two will get on just fine  :yes: is weird, never seen Honey so relaxed in a strange house…….


    Glad you got there safe and sound!  :-* :-*

    Have a great time with your Sis  :ok:


    Thanks hun just waiting on them coming home! Taking dogs nice walkies tomorrow so will get more pics! Still cant believe that two dogs who dont know each other are so settled! Mind my sis was brill, we let them meet outside in the garden and she never said a word when Honey told him off helped they sorted things out very quick – he tried to hump her….once  😀  😉


    hey.. she’s a good looking girl.. who can blame him  :agree:


    he’s looking fab Suz :yes: :-*
    the diva is as gorgeous as ever but where oh where is her red tail>? ;D


    Have a great time Suz  ;D Lovely pics, Milo looks fab now, obviously well settled  🙂


    The photos just dont show it, you should see her walking down the road!

    We just walked to chemist so i could get something for my eyes! The girls walked Honey she was very good plodded along slowly for them  :yes:

    Milo is very settled now hes fab woth the kids  :ok:


    is great news Suz… he is looking great, fattening up nicely  :yes: he’s very handsome too  :agree:


    yup he weighs 24 and half kilos now- vet said to keep him there, he looks just right – he likes having me here he got pork rib for breakfast  ;D

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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