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    what the hell has been happening….is first though anyway…

    sorry it has been so long

    what happened with val….any chance she is coming back?
    please stay suz/nat….

    who else has gone…what happened with claire?

    what do i need to look at first…there are pages of un reads…am going home tomorrow but stll got loads to do and got clients to catch up with but will hopefully have caught up with threads by end of weekend but need you to point me as to where to go first…

    so come on lasses…tell me what your worries are/have been etc and lets see if we can sort things out




    Val wont come back unless we get rid of Cuddy – She waiting to hear from you though.

    Claire left because she was asked by Suz to apologise for a pm she sent to me, but she has been on edge for a few weeks now and she didnt want to talk to anyone cept you.

    Suz isnt going anywhere and neither is Nat.

    Can you read Olliethe collie’s latest thread and Justine&Rafe’s thread – after that, have a drink and go to bed.


    just got up after crashing out for 14 hours haha…at mams…house looks like a car boot site….
    give me the links….on lap top and it slow….

    have got to get the crockery we hired back to the hirer tomorrow and have to go pick up mams ashes then i will get home and catch up on the rest
    what was the pm from claire…
    who else has gone…


    Will save you a headache, these are the last few from her

    Re: (No subject)
    « Sent to: Izzie on: February 26, 2009, 04:32:56 PM »   


    Actually, this has been happening ever since you came on the scene.  I have to fight so bloody hard against this but the fact is I’m jelous of you izzie.

    Before you came along it would have been me who passed on the little messages and stuff.  Since she’s got to know you she’s just bent over backwards again and again to let you visit her, see cubert pup, go on visits with her, you name it – star girl izzie is doing it.

    She didnt even have the belief in me that I could bring Misty round – obviously she was too busy fussing over you to notice.

    I’m sick of people telling me “she needs space” – what about me needing stuff from her ??  and no i bloody cant get it from you – its me + her stuff.



    basically – i have something on my mind – something which is private between me and her and i dont feel is appropriate to talk with anyone else about as its about her really, not me if you see what i mean  thing is that i am becoming increasingly distressed about lack of contact because it just makes me feel a bit uneasy about the private thing and i am also getting pressure from someone else about it too

    the thing is quite a big deal for me but in terms of bev’s life – right now its probably infitessimally small – its not that i want her to talk about it or do anything about it, just me in touch, just a hi would do and it is getting me down.

    on one level – i see her distress and grief at her loss, on another level i see that i couldnt give 2shits about my mum and if she popped off the planet tomorrow i’d only be sad because harry would miss her.  my grandparents have died but it was a long time ago now and i suppose its a long time since i have been through this kind of loss  now, probably not at all as an adult to be honest.  coupled with the fact i am insanely logical and if shes dead – logic says she isnt suffering and thats good.

    bev should probably have warned u i’m a complete nutter !!!


    Suz and Nat has the pm forwarded to them, as I had no idea how to handle it tbh.

    Suz sent this pm and then Claire got upset and left the board.

    Right Claire have pasted Izzie in on this.

    I didnt reply last night, mainly because I was too saddened by it all.

    Claire you owe Izzie an apology, I know you struggle to comprehend emotional issues at times and I am more than understanding of you. However you knew enough to know Izzie would need someone after the pm you sent and that should have been enough to tell you NOT to send it.

    Now Claire I know you miss Bev, I do too more thany any of you relise, dont you think I might of needed her when Honey was poorly, specially as we still dont know whats wrong? But Bev has her own issues to deal with and this is how I see it, she cannot cope herself emotionally with al our crap too, and I would guess thats why she keeps in touch with Izzie, because Izzie doesnt make those sort of demands on her, infact shes probably just what Bev needs right now. I may be wrong I may be right, but have you contacted her and given her a chnace to reply? If you havent then you need to, as you cant complain she hasnt been in touch if you havent contacted her. However if you already HAVE then you need to respect her wishes and stay away for now, I know Bev thinks a lot of you Claire but I dont think she can deal with your problems right now.

    This all may sound very harsh and its not meant to-but you needed to hear it, you know I think a lot of you but you also know when i think your in the wrong i will tell you, mainly because up to now you have always listened to me.

    Do as Bev would tell oyu dont look at it from your point of view look at it from hers, shes lost her mum after some time of illness and if Falkor is still around im guessing it wont be long – maybe Izzie getting the clumber baby gives bev somehting positive to focus on?

    Of course this is all speculation on my part, but iust take a step back Claire, im here if you need to talk and believe it or not so is Izzie – dont push her away shes not trying to be bev she is just trying to help.

    Now girls I am off to work – will chat to you both when i get back home ok 


    ffs….i sure not ready to cope with claires shite right now…jeez…will contact her tomorrow  ::)

    so why did she leave after that ….


    No idea!!

    If you arent ready, leave it


    no i will call her…to add into it

    mo took my mobile off me…she stole it  :canadian: as clients were contacting me and i was getting wound up but it was mums last days and mo wanted to isolate me with mum…claire sent a text that mo exploded about…one of her demading i need you texts…not sure what was in it …mo said is wasnt nice….and at times…rarely but she sure can do exploding can mymo….she sure exploded apparently, mo hasnt told me except to say it wasnt nice and i have dealt with it…nic did say about it and that mo answered it in mo ‘fashion’…. :scared:  and i suspect she called a spade a shovel with shit on it…it the yorkshire in her haha….and mo is a lioness when she in protection mode…so poor claire :gum:


    Thats explains a little

    I was in ummm errr with contacting you too, and only text you after she sent me those pm’s because I didnt know what else to do/say/etc It didnt help with Mudgie and everyone else suggesting she text you  :-\


    Rough left, as did Dyane when Val left

    Though I ‘think’ Dyane is now under as BobbiMcGee


    ok so what threads/what happened with val and how do we get her back….if it re bev cuddy why is she still here? val more valuable than bev cuddy….


    Because everytime Lassie/myself or someone tries to pee her off, Someone complains!  >:(

    Last time it was claire

    Jayde didnt help the situation when it blew up first time round – 2 tics will find the threads.


    Rest of discussion about it – in mods area.

    Oh and Mark left too….

    He wont be around for while even as a guest as he had his back op a while back.


    bit lost in the mire here what the hell has it to do with lassie/claire whatever…. why hasnt she been blocked in order to keep val  ,,,,am confused

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