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    Ok this one is a bit different, fairly easy. Its in sections so PM me your answers.  1 point for every correct answer, the person with the most correct will win some Izzy Wizzy treats!  🙂

    Dog breed questions
    1. Which breeds name is derived from a word meaning ‘piles of rocks’?
    2. Which breed is also known as the Greater St Johns Water dog?
    3. What is the national breed of Cuba?
    4. Which breed was developed by crossing the Rough Collie with the Icelandic Yakkin?
    5. Which breed was bred to hunt puffin?
    6. Which wild breed from South American is so rare it has its own genus and species?
    7. Which breed is also known as the Chrysanthemum dog?
    8. Which breed is known as ‘Moustached little Devil’ in France?
    9. Which breeds coat comes in Pepper and Mustard colours?

    Anagrams of breeds
    14. RAGE AT END
    15. DOH YE RUNG

    Film and TV dogs
    17. The Neapolitan Mastiff from Harry Potter
    18. The Pug from Men in Black
    19. The Bloodhound from the Beverly Hillbillies
    20. The Basset Hound from the Dukes of Hazard

    Which breed is
    21.Bruiser in Legally Blonde?
    22. Buck and Shadow in 8 Below
    23. Milo in The Mask
    24. Mr Beefy in Little Nicky
    25. Precious in the Silence of the lambs

    Guess the breed
    26.The xxx was originally called the ‘Gamekeeper’s night dog’ as they were used to catch poachers.  When the need for gamekeepers declined, they were used on sport, someone would run into the undergrowth and a muzzled xxx would be let loose to find them.  They were not bred to kill but overpower with their size and strength.  They have a very distinctive large and square head.  They come in fawn, red or brindle.  They can be stubborn and require firm handling, they are very protective of family and property.

    27. The history of the xxx is a mystery but they have been known to exist since the 1600s.  They were mainly used to drive cattle, but also to hunt rabbits and rats.  They are small sturdy dogs, slightly longer than they are tall and the front feet turn outwards slightly.  The colour is black and tan, but in 1999 the KC approved the liver and tan colour.  They have low susceptibility to illness but may suffer eye problems

    28. The xxx origins trace back to Asian spaniels and probably the Pug, although they were primarily developed in the British Isles.  They became they ‘darling’ of British royalty as comforter dogs.  They have a distinctive domed head and upturned nose, their bite should be slightly undershot.  They occasionally have the central pads and nails of their feet fused together.  The breed is naturally well behaved and intelligent, they are an ok watchdog but primarily a companion dog.  They can be picky eaters

    29. The xxx was developed at the end of the 19th C from various sporting, running and coursing dogs.  They were bred to race and can reach speeds of 35mph.  They were also used for coursing, gaining the nickname ‘Snapdog’ from its ability to kill rabbits with a sharp snap.  They come in a variety of colours including black, fawn, white, blue, brindle, black and white and blue and white.  Their limbs are susceptible to injury, especially serious fracture.

    30. The xxx is an Irish dog of unknown origins.  They are a achondroplegic breed, designed to drag foxes and badgers from their dens.  They were also used in time trials against live badgers, they were bred to work silently.  They have great stamina, having been used to turn spit roasting meat by running in a treadmill for hours on end.  Their harsh shaggy coat comes in blue, wheaten, red and brindle.  The breed has a very deep bark, making it sound a lot larger than it is. 

    Name the breed of these showdogs
    31. Ch Ice Vom Steinhauerberg
    32. Ch Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind
    33. ShCh Gunalt Good Will
    34. Ch Sandylands Mark
    35. Ch Dialynne Gamble
    36. Ch Freddy Vom Kapellenhof at Bareve
    37. Afterglow The Big Tease

    There you go, that should keep you busy!  😀


    ok done!!  😀


    love things like this! ;D Just got one anagram left – can’t do them to save my life ::)


    can we google for answers?


    That’s easy 😮 :nono:
    Having to back up everything on the computer at the min. brain has difficulty doing two things at once ::) :-[
    will try tomorrow 🙂


    then i can’t play  :'( I don’t know most of that  :'(


    [quote author=xtine link=topic=13786.msg261723#msg261723 date=1235913975]
    then i can’t play  :'( I don’t know most of that  :'(


    Christine you can google :yes:
    Foxy said this was easy I say no it isn’t 😉
    Computer is running real slooow at the moment ::)


    ahh.. ok I’ll play then  ;D


    Oops, soz, i thought it was easy  :-\  😀


    it is if you know the answers  😉  ;D


    it was easy – except for the film dogs bit cos i dont watch films


    Come on, give it a go!  :ok:


    bump ;D


    way out of my league, will wait for an easier one 😀 😀 ;D


    that’s why google was invented Kerrie 😀 😉

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