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    this is bit vague convo had with hubby but permission from owners to post
    SBT – not sure age maybe 5-7 from memory. not sure what fed, but his skin is as the pic below, hair suddenly thinnied and got the black patches
    [img width=351 height=468][/img]
    maybe about 6-9 months ago his tummy swelled up he a toy destroyer so took to vets nothing in there but think that the start of skin probs he still has a swollen tummy almost like bloat. tho the pic doesnt show it
    he also gets swellings between his toes as pics these just burst.
    [img width=351 height=468][/img]
    the vets are baffled and he is getting sent of to some university

    edited to say he has been swimming with us for a while and stopped due to op to open him up his skin fur always seemed ok before then, it is only since healed from op that skin had prob.
    will let you know of outcome but any ideas?


    they tested for cushings ( feel like im repeating myself haha) any other symptoms – only the bloated tummy specially if it goes hand in hand with weight loss can be a sign – including those hair loss – not always but the dark skin ( if nothing wrong with skin ie scabbing soreness) can just be from being extra exposed to the sun  – like dogs who sunbathe on their back will get a darker underneath.

    if it is cushings they may need to re test and retest – a flattie i know got tested 5 times before a positive diagnosis – we all got so used to recognising her symptoms we could tell veyr quick if her meds needed changing – way before she got to the hairloss stage again!!

    re the feet….not sure assuming the vets sent one off for biopsy??


    Thanks Suz,
    Not sure if the vets have sent off for biopsy as i say chris was chatting and said i would ask on here.
    The dark skin as you say maybe sun or maybe the skin and dark bits only noticeable with the hair loss.
    No noticeable weightloss
    off to research cushings and will let the owners know. – Am assuming they have not tested for cushings or it came back negative as they are sending him off to a vet university as they appear baffled by him.
    Dont think there are any other symtoms

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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