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    If anyone can help please could you let me know. I don’t normally re-home Staffies and we put 12 dogs to sleep last year ( that figure doesn’t include ‘sign overs’ direct from their homes ), most of them Staffies. But, this little one deserves a chance. She has been home to stay with one of our staff and was good as gold.

    So- home / place in rescue needed for a very sweet small staffie bitch, light tan, ok with dogs and good with people, cars, doesn’t chew, just a sweet natured happy dog. Easy to handle and will walk to heal.

    Her 7 day stay is up on Monday. I can keep her for longer if she has a rescue to go to.

    With Kind Regards Viv – mobile 07831 493874 / office 01243 785166

    Viviane Barale
    Dog Control Officer
    Environmental Protection
    Chichester District Council
    Tel: 01243 53 4596 | Fax: 01243 776766 | [email protected]… |

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