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    am shattered was a long drive – Honey was SO good in the car put her in her crate she laid down went to sleep – we stopped once, so bloody cold am glad she will do wee wee on cue  😀

    Milo very pleased to see us – they been fine, me and my sister popped out and when we came back they were both curled up on the sofa together  :ok: :ok:  my sis OH was watching them……..from upstairs  ::)


    Glad you had a safe journey

    have fun at your Sis’s!  :ok:


    I will we going shopping – weds evening am meeting up with a girl ive been pen pals with since i was 18  😮 be the first time we have met – then thurs me and my sis and her friend are off to cinema she wants to see unborn – some horror thing about an unborn twin haunting his twin sister who didnt die  ::)

    Both kids very pleased to see me and Honey – Honey spent half evening cuddled on Laurens lap  ;D


    Bev – if you get time to read and answer this

    Honey has uhm relegated Milo to the floor  :embarrass: she has taken over the sofa and he wont get up there – wants to but i am sat there too – assuming thats the problem as all finey fine when we were out  :embarrass: question is – do i leave em to it, they get on so well, they even eat together – and she will let him up here if i tell her too – but he not comfy…wants to get back down………my sis isnt bothered – i just feel a bit mean that Honeys taken over  :embarrass:


    Look what one of my customers put on my website!

    quote :

    an angel was sent to me to groom my pearl she is now a pearly queen. thank you so much for your time you are a true star and top groomer.

    the dog in question is a very special little poodle – and Val she also owns my black comp poodle  ;D


    How sweet!


    Have a great time Suz  ;D

    So the Diva’s put her foot down already then with Milo  😀 Typical woman in the home  😀

    What a nice comment from your customer, nice to be appreciated  ;D


    Oh yes is always nice to be appreciated!!

    Honey totally made herself at home  ::)


    Have a nice time lovelt comments she must be nice to let you put her dog in show cuts  ;D


    Hehe Val shes one of my best customers 😉

    Lauren my oldest neice has been throwing up since 10pm last night……………..she seems ok but everytime shes sick im trying not to join her :vomit: I hate people being sick…..all she wants is a cuddle and i cant – incase shes sick again :'(


    Saw your profile on Facebook Suz  ;D I used to be like that, I was always getting sent home from school if someone else was sick I’d join in  ;D Somehow having my own kids and working in a school has toughened me up  ::)

    Hope your neice is better soon  :-*


    Shes still being sick – however is ‘forcing’ it she is a complete drama queen and would of smacked her backside if shed been mine – sorry dont do sympathy even if kids ARE ill – not when they being bratty – she sooooooooo takes after her mother!!!  ::)

    I have spent all day feeling sick and if I catch it the whole board will know about it  :vomit:

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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