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    im not taking sides or anything but i have a question, why is it a problem that he doesnt have any qualifications??


    qualification as such increases knowledge, awareness and encourages study…education qualifies and quantifies the subject generically…..and combined with practical experience makes for a professional learned approach…the problem is kerrie that anyone can set themselves up as a behaviourist or trainer…and many do….and then many that have studied to become more aware end up picking up the mess left by those that are self styled….many self styled behaviourists and trainers do not have any knowledge on the science involved…such as types of conditioning and remodification and without that knowledge then the incorrect therapy can easily be applied…


    Same applies to groomers no understanding of the tools no understanding of the breeds can’t read dog and too top it off usually ends up cutting or clipper burning the dogs.


    oh right, fair enough 🙂


    [quote author=Billy1111 link=topic=14319.msg269391#msg269391 date=1246557336]
    [quote author=Billy1111 link=topic=14319.msg269384#msg269384 date=1246555492]
    [quote author=*Lassie* link=topic=14319.msg269382#msg269382 date=1246554950]
    Billy is self taught and he offers the vast 34 years experience and knowledge he has gained from raw experiences and interaction with canines making him a formidable and capable Alpha Male,

    We don’t need to know any more ::) sounds like a caveman >:D
    oh and lassie loveyour comment about collies so true . they are so intellegent , i love them . molly who is an adorable girl that i walk never leaves my side she is so sweet , look i know you guys really want to make me out to be some sort of pratt ?? don’t know why?? i don’t mean to offend 🙁 sorry if i do .
    I love dogs they are passion of mine and like you all only ever want the very best for them.
    Do you know someone has picked up on that before it not meant to sound dominarring and it does . All i mean is by a slight adjustment in body lanage or a gesture i take away sometimes what can be causing the dog stress and we take it from there (does that make better sense??


    Sounds better, you sounded like Cesar Millan before and he’s a swear word on here 😉
    How many dogs do you have? sex? ages? pictures?


    Do you know , i hadn’t even wathced the bloke , untill the other forum pointed this  similar thing out (lol). I watched the episode where he used this vial e-collar thing on his dog , as a deterrent ??? don’t undersatd why ??. As i said on the forum prevesiously .
    My dogs when they hear that noise , you the siis noise a snake makes when his tounge goes in and out (,just stick with me here, rememeber most dogs hearinfg is more advanced than ours) or a air ballon and louder version of this siss, react , they kick up a stink , my dogs also bark at unwelcome vistors in our garden with live in the country and a compost heap makes a nice place for unwelcomed vistors(LOL). So they show a naturall awarness already.
    However a rattle snake is the only snake that rattles and perhaps , dogs have become immune to the naturall awarness they should have of the rattler ?? as in modern society there are many thaings that rattle.I would have like them to have used a non rattling variety and then see if the effect could be imulated? (only our of naturall curiousity) does this make sense
    However i really could not understand the use of the e-collar ??? excessive and unessaccarry,??? wouldn’t simple adversion techniques have had the same effect manybe not as quickly ?? but i would work better in the long run. You could tell his dog was not happy with the situation as he did a five mile round tour just to avoid the situation , how wicked???.

    I have to be honest i do believe in pack therapy though there are some things that our dogs can only ever learn from other dogs ?? hope this isn’t a bad thing to say :-).

    I have two  male leonbergers ,and hoping to add a south african boerboel to my family. totally in love them :-).My boys get on really well with everything and everyone , they are a bit goofy and we love to play allthough can get a little rough (LOL) boys hehehehehehehehehehe. They also love mud , but haven’y found any lately so it must be hot. They are not enjoying all this heat mind and i have to regullay hose them down . My eldest is a gentleman , but stll has an playfull side to him and a puppy brain (tee hee) my youngest is a little teaster always looking for ways to rule to roost (lol) bless him he is the more  dominant but is a darling,he is also very playfull. my dogs are my life , i adore every privalaged minute i get to spend with them .
    Multing season at the mo , so groomer lady will know what i am up against , need to buy new hoover soon (lol) gets everywhere.

    I would just like add regarding qualifications :-).

    I know they are usefull and i know people have taken the time out to study very hard , i know alot of excellent friendly and truely excellent qualified behaviorists and trainers ,i also know some that allthough qualified are not as pleasant and quite rubbish. i also undersatnd that there is an increasing number of people out there who claim to be able to do things that they cant and end up destroying and hurting, and causing way more harm .

    My hope is wether somone is qualified or not as long as they know what there are doing and always act with a dogs best intention at heart , then they should be welcomed and encouraged.

    I am not one of these people , i could go and study , but there is no point , I question idea and ideals , i ask questions and people can find this rather annoying , if the ideas are not though to be correct and i prove different (hopefully you see my point)

    i don’t belive a book could teach me what i have the privalage and honur of knowing and sharing with my dogs. A book can not teach you how to respond to a given situation

    My belief is , if you watch , listen and really take a long thoughfull time over it , our dogs can teach us  far more than we even realise , yes my approach is different , but it works.

    You have to understand what they are saying , not over analysie or over compensate, then you have to be able to use what they are showing you , and then you watch the responce , its rewarding , but takes a long , long time

    Dogs tend to gravatate towards me , it is an honour . It can be frustrating for owners whilst out walking lol ,

    Anyway i don’t want to sound like i know everthing i am sure there is more for me to learn ,but i prefere dogs to me my teacher , not books . i

    I probably sound like a werido now, don’t mean to , i am just fortunate enough to be able to help dogs as they respond well to me ?? you need to aske the dogs why not me (LOL)

    Hope this post makes sense .


    Val , hey .you groom excellent , do you know i am finding it impossiblt to find anyone who wished to groom leos?? i don’t know why is because they are big dogs??. Anyway really would like to fina reputable groomer in my area , where are you based ???
    i am looking for a groomer that uses quistel( i believe this is a natural shampoo???) , i have used on them before and the results are astonding ,or something similar ,that is very natural as one of my babies can be prone to hot spots ?? really would like some info ,as obviously i would just like to treat my boys as i can never get that really wondefull leo glo that many show goers accomplish with ease??
    I would also like to say sorry for posting web site link on you site ,didn’t mean to offend :-). looks kind of tacky though , great with dogs still learning about business (tee hee)
    You do have my  sincere apology which i hope you can except, red face !!!!!
    I have really rubbish business sense (lol) .


    Billy you can’t tell us you have two Leos and then not post any pictures :nono:


    i think you’ll struggle to find a groomer that only uses quistle shampoo as i think it is quite expensive, could be wrong though. If you can’t find a groomer who does use it maybe you could buy some and take it to the groomers with the dogs, lots of people do that at the groomers i help out at.

    Ditto what lassie said, i am a massive fan of leo’s so would love to see some pictures too 🙂


    I am glad I live where I do I can’t be reached to groom Leo’s LOL they are lovely dogs but you need a groomer with heavy weight equipment to do them plus it would be expensive as they are a lot of dog to bath and dry as for your choice of shampoo take a bottle with you if you can find a groomer with the equipment, space, and time to do two Leo’s


    LOL Val you know I have the space now  >:D but bath two leos in quistel – heck my price PER dog would start at £60 at least – you could be adding a lot more bathing in that shampoo – yes its good, but so expensive most groomers cannot afford to use it as an everyday shampoo – i cant and only would of dogs who need it – and even then would be an extra charge to cover the cost.

Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)
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