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    Went up to the cemetery with my Mum to put fresh flowers on Dad’s grave like we have done every week since the funeral, it’s a month today. Only to find some moron had allowed their dog to crap right on top of the grave nearly on the silk flowers we had placed there.
    Some people have no respect whatsoever, I was really angry but my Mum was shocked and very upset and very near to tears.
    I have taken my dog up there before but would never allow it to foul any ones grave, there is no excuse for that.


    Unfortunatly some people just have no respect  :-*


    Disgusting  >:(


    I used to know someone who let his 2 dogs do that. Just kicked them out the door in the morning and let the 2 dogs wander off to the cemetery. The youngest of the dogs even used to dig around on the spot where they burried someone resently…..

    Policemen asking him nicely to not let the dogs out unsupervised… Didn’t do the trick.
    Policemen asking him un-nicely….. Didn’t do the trick.
    Angry villagers and one piece of wood did.  😛

    The dogs can’t help it, but the person behind it was be kicked so hard, he couldn’t go to the toilet  by himself for a month. It’s not a very pretty thought, but i found it a pretty good sollution to teach people like that what ‘respect’ stands for.


    If I knew whose dog it was I would be very tempted Diesel, bad enough losing Dad but to do that……… >:( 🙁

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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