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    Please can people give me some sites where i may find some behaviourists in the north west, i’m trying to find people that i could shadow for the bishop burton foundation degree in canine behaviour & training.  🙂 i’ve got a few names from the APDT site.  🙂

    Thankies  :-*


    isn’t sarah heath in that area? or i might be wrong. and there’s that bloke i’ve completely forgotten the name of, she says helpfully.

    think it’s david sands – is he a behaviourist?


    have you looked at the apbc site and the ukrcb site?  🙂


    thanks i’ll take a look for those names  🙂  :-*


    excellent thanks have a few names to write to now  ;D


    you’re welcome.  🙂


    the thing is with these “assosiation” trainers you have to still pick carefully

    looking the ones in my area – i know of most of them and theres only 1 i would trust any of my dogs with – and shes a bit “old school”

    the one who is closest to me i wouldnt let her advise me about a gold fish let alone a dog – her hubby runs a check chain happy agility club  ::)


    well my philosophy is  >:D i intend to try to shadow as many people/techniques as i can to aid my college work and then completely ingnore all the ones i don’t like  ;D

    there is a woman in windermere i am going to look at more closely.


    I think your attitude is the most sensible; I often attend seminars and I may not like many things they do or say, but I may learn some things I do not know;  just because one watches, listens those who may not be everyone’s cup of tea does not mean that you cannot apply common sense and dsicriminate between the good and bad.


    yes i hope so  🙂


    I’ve PM’d you!



    posted my application on Thursday  ;D hopefully its not too late  :-\ also had word back from a local rescue that can offer me saturday voluntary work, so thats cool  ;D this may actually happen!!  ;D


    thats greaty Kerry – good luck let us know when you hear anything!  :-*


    What for BB? Nope not too late am sure i posted mine on the 9th sept and it started on 27th  :-X 🙂

    Good Luck  :-*

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 83 total)
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