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    Hi, i have a 5 month old King Charles Spaniel, whenever we are on a walk he constantly barks at other dogs.  I dont think it is aggression its more like “hey come here and play”, or could it be a bit of insecurity on his side and trying to protect me.  He hasn’t been to socialising classes yet, but will be soon when my nearest one has a space available.  But in the meantime what is the best way to deal with this situation, people are put off by him when barking at them.  He does it with people aswell, but when they come over he cowers down.
    is it best to ignore him and then as soon as he shuts up to reward him.
    He also pulls terrible on the lead, but with treats and praise we should get there.
    sorry about the long thread, but mainly its his barking.  He also barks at me when he wants something.


    I have the same problem with my dog Moo a mini schnauzer who is two, I have had her for a year. Tried all sorts of things but to no avail…. time for Bev
    Bev came last week and was brilliant, really made me think about things. We have started with the clicker doing some free shaping which Moo has picked up really well. touch hand, sit, touch bowl, sit on mat,leave, wait etc  Bev made me realise that I have to get things sorted at home first ( criteria 1 ) so we have been working hard at getting Moo to decide that she has to work for things. Bev spent four days with me going through things and before she went home we got my friend to bring her dog to my place. Moo of course barked when she saw the dog on the yard but Bev told her to leave and Moo did of her own choice, then Bev kept saying heel close good heel close until Moo focused on Bev. Eventually Moo and Bev were stood right next to the dog and Moo was fine. Bev told her go greet but Moo wasnt that bothered and prefered to look at Bev. Now if you knew Moo you would know what a great feat this is ! I have never been able to stand and pass the time of day to anyone while out with the dogs before. I have loads of work to do before Bevs next visit but we are just concentrating on getting her to cue at home first before we move on.
    Hope this helps, I am learning myself and I am sure if I have said anything wrong Bev will correct me  ;D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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