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    >:(  SOMEONE has taken £30 out of my business account for O2  >:(  >:(  >:( on monday, i just noticed today only checked to make sure i had enough money to buy equipment to replace all the crap ive been sent and had to send back – now i cant do nothing until its sorted spoke to some lady at the bank she cant do nothing not even close the account – someone should be ringing me tomorrow – am so cross, i know its not much money but its the hassle if i have to close the account because i sue that for everything work related  🙁  🙁

    Just about had a basinful this week  :'( going to get a new dryer – lady tells me they wont replace it a third time too bloody right they wont offers me any dryer from the site  >:( stick it where the sun dont shine lady  >:( reason they wont give me a replacement of the same model (not that i want one) they no longer SELL IT wonder why wonder how many others have had the same problem  >:(  >:(

    Christies direct people barely even apologised when ive said i need to return yet another pair of crappy clippers  >:( well they can stick it where the sun dont shine too  >:(

    Now i cant even order my new dryer as dont have the funds elsewhere so am stuck with my old one  :'(  :'(


    But then i keep thinking about Alisons OH and well  :'( but thanks for letting me havi my little ( well ok large) rant  :-*


    Rant away hon you are entitled too  :-*


    Still cross this morning – got to ring them later and get it sorted, they promise they will ring me but would believe thatonly when it happened  ::)


    Spoke to lady at the bank first thing – she is completely baffled as to my they didnt put a stop on my debit card last ngiht – my answer was probably sheer laziness  ::)

    Letter from Groomers Supplies re the refund on my dryer telling me how much is being refunded, minus the £2 smething i owned them , cant believe they have chased me for that  ::)


    At least the bank is sorted now Suz  :-*


    Bloody banks  ::)

    What actually happened to Allisons husband  ???  🙁


    Yup card is cancelled so now cant use my business account till i get new card – 5-7 days  ::) honestly it not the money so much as the bloody inconvinience!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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