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    hiya just a quick update, he’s been sick a few times yesterday seemed ok last night poo is getting a bit runny so lots of small meals and mixing fish & mash with a tiny bit of his ordinary food…hoping this is just a stress thing  :yes:

    had a slight incident in bed Tuesday night, we were in bed and beau was on the bed as usual but up next to me and hannah came to get into bed with us (upset & scared) and she pushed beau a little as she was getting in (it was dark) and he growled and air snapped at her, i told her to stop moving, not go back not come forward just stay exactly as she was as i readjusted beau a little to allow him some more space, then he was fine…not sure what happened he had a slight limp from i think his shoulder same as he has had a couple of times now recently so whether she knocked that and it hurt or whether he was just saying get out of my bed i’m not sure, last night she was in again and he was fine squished himself between us then down between legs and no problems so may have been a one off?


    On the tummy thing – I would guess either stress or he has eaten something of the sort that dogs eat  :vomit: while he was rambling.

    Re: Hannah – maybe he was still a bit disoriented still from his adventure or didn’t see her properly and isn’t feeling A1 – and there are fireworks too at the moment of course – but i will leave that to someone who knows what they are talking about  ;D – hopefully nothing too much.  :ok:


    sounds like he’s got a bit of pain there, a visit to the vet would help


    Have only just seen this am so glad Beau is home and safe sending him some ((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))


    Ive only too just seen this, just read through the whole thread, glad he’s home okay now  :-* :-* :-*


    thanks, i think it was maybe just disorientation or soemthing as he has been fine since and hannah has been in my bed everynight…i think i might ban most haunted  :yes:

Viewing 6 posts - 106 through 111 (of 111 total)
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