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    the other night beau asked to go out at about 1.30 a.m so off we went downstairs he did his wee and came back in and back up to bed…

    beau flumped when back in bed so panic we gotta go back out mum…off back downstairs, got to the living room and he just stopped and got onto his bed and looked at me, i ask you wanna go wee wee … nothing just laying there staring at me i move towards back door, you wanna go out? nothing doesn’t move, finaly he appeases me and walks out into the yard and back into the house not doing anything goes back to lay in his bed, so off i go back up to bed….get up in the morning and realise…

    he was telling me to sleep downstairs  😀 because of his tummy troubles he panics when he flumps thinks he’s gonna poop himself so we rush out, when tummy is really bad i sleep downstairs on couch and leave back door open for him…. so is this associative learning cos its something i have done now several times ??



    Member ..noooo…………………. 😉 😀


    ;D you make me laff Kiz – need to get my head into conditioned response mode


    need to ;earn and understand:

    Applications of Conditioning and Effects on Observed Behaviour

    Ami – Keys Mean Car Ride:

    1.1 Classical Conditioning:

    Noise of keys (stimulus) no apparent meaning in itself, but predicts something meaningful is going to follow and triggers excited yowling and spinning around (behaviour), “come on then” and movement to the door is attention and anticipation (consequence).

    U.C.S. U.C.R.
    Keys Yowling/Spinning

    C. + U.C.S U.C.R.
    Keys + Voice & Movement Yowling/Spinning

    C.S. C.R.
    Voice & Movement Excitement/Yowling/Anticipation

    1.2 Operant Conditioning
    From being very young Ami came out with me in the car, shopping trips, library, sisters etc. the above conditioning happened very quickly and carried on for as long as the C.S. continued.
    If I went out with one of the others and she was left behind, she realised that by not attaching her collar she was not coming. Something good is taken away (car trip); the behaviour (excitement/yowling/anticipation) is decreased, operant conditioning is P-.  Ami works hard to avoid the reward being taken away by blocking my exit and staring at the hook with the collars on, (no yowling/excitement) trying to get appeasement, (air and contact licking) or crying, (demanding attention).

    2.1 Influence of Rearing:
    By 8 months had knowledge of car trips and key noise as signal that I was going out.

    2.2 Influence of Environment:
    Going outside; probability of a walk, treats at other people’s houses, playing with Chance at my sisters, being left in car with a bone (no disturbance from other pack members) outdoor training sessions.

    2.3 Influence of Social Relationships:
    Visiting people who give attention, playing with and other dogs, going to visit Gunner.

    2.4 Identify Trauma and Stress:
    Strange noise in street as we go out; particularly buses and  children; especially on roller blades or skate boards.  Strange person or dog approaching whilst in car alone.  If left at home goes to ground and refusing to offer Maureen appeasement or ask Maureen for social appraisal.

    4.1 Identify Learning
    Behaviour does not happen with her collar in hand or Maureen’s key, which have a bell on them.

    4.2 Measure of Learning
    Behaviour does not happen when Maureen picks up car keys but does each time I do.

    4.2 Testing of Learning
    Behaviour happens each time I pick up car keys; even when she is eating, playing or sleeping. 


    Really good post, they got some complex patterns of behaviour, with us:

    I come home from work to Toby alone = licks and pawing at me
    Alex comes home from work to Toby alone = licks and pawing at Al
    Al comes home and I am in with Toby = no reaction, Toby sits in his bed, wags tail, is cool
    I come from work and Toby and Alex is in = barking, we had no idea why, then we realised it cos Alex in the kitchen making our dinner and he alerting me that he hasn’t eaten yet – its a want my tea mum reaction!

    I need to go away and think about this one!


    ok i was with ya until i got to 2.1 then it all went fuzzy…will come back to this after i have finished birch & bailey and done my assignment  😉  😀


    I would read birch and bailey – do your assignment – come back here ask questions – redo your assignment then submit  ;D


    thats was pretty much my plan now lmao


    [quote author=Mudgie link=topic=12664.msg244929#msg244929 date=1223888561]
    I would read birch and bailey – do your assignment – come back here ask questions – redo your assignment then submit  ;D

    Just be careful how you ask the questions…remember, I’m watching  :educated:…and if you need to know how to reference a post on a public forum, you know where to look  :tease:



    ;D you tell them marion  🙂
    i wont tell them when i know you are watching  :suspious:


    😀 promise i won’t ask the questions exactly as they are set on our assignments  :canadian: 


    Marion I know you are always watching – even when you are not  :educated:  :blindfold:


    Naughty girls teacher will always find out tut tut  :agree:


    I dont understand why we are naughty – havent asked anything here that was an assignment – directly or indirectly – and knowing marion is a member on here not so stupid to do so either

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