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    I’ve know burns are recommended for dry food and nature’s diet as a wet meal.  Any other good brands out there?




    We feed Gracie now on Natural Instinct, not the cheapest but it has done wonders for her skin flare ups and is zero hassle raw, as long as you remember to get it out of the freezer!

    Travis 1

    My 2 are fed raw as Travis has allergies ,I have fed dry in the past,Burns was great  for his skin but kept him very underweight,another one I tried which produced no problems was Autarky,although he did produce quite a lot of waste compared to Burns and raw 🙂


    I feed raw.

    I keep Orijen to hand for emergencies and/or Nature’s Harvest.

    The former is grain free and I happen to believe that dogs do not need grain.

    The latter is, IMHO,  a better quality product than Naturediet.

    There are many good brands

    For grain free Acana
    JWB versions with potato


    I give Sky Barking Heads… Bad Hair Day dry food  ;D It’s for dogs with itchy skin or skin conditions, she was a very scratchy dog when we got her and this food has worked wonders on her  🙂 She also has Nature Diet! She has raw bones too  ;D Doing fab ;D


    We are currently feeding Fish4dogs and what appears to be a non-name (only name I can see on it is “Dog” wet dog food that contains for example Chicken (min 70%) Liver (min 5%) Brown Rice (Min 5%), Minerals, Seaweed & Chicory Root


    Whichever the brand, just make sure it contains all the essential nutrients and your dog will be getting a balanced diet.


    We use Natures Harvest, it was recommended by a couple of people.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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