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    Lets get this in context – its ME I have no bloody idea  ;D

    Now Honey will always offer a sit if theres a treat about – she might even throw in a beg in she thinks it will help – so cannot honestly say whether she sat for the click or because she was expecting a treat – i thought because she was expecting a treat……………..because i have a habit of making her sit before she gets a treat – oops??


    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=14036.msg265277#msg265277 date=1238830352]
    not sure Bev – i just assumed she heard click and thought a treat was coming – im not sure if she would see the click as a cue – hard to say she looks like i smacked her over the head with a bag of bricks when i click it  ::) but if she saw it as a cue then maybe a sit…….we did the scattering treats and clicking – just as you said the click treat click treat…thats as far as we got cos i always thought she looked so traumatised i felt horrible! Never got as far as actually doing anything else with her with it…..


    whats  wrong with this….?  😉


    No idea  ;D


    So…………what am I missing  ???


    Suz if she was traumatised then surely she wouldn’t learn that click means treat :-\


    good point – its just the look on her face like she wasnt enjoying it – didnt look like that when Izzie clicked the damn thing  :-\


    Obv you need to re-evaluate your treats hon  😉

    She knew she had to offer a behaviour for the c&t, therefore is she not charged to a clicker?


    I always thought she was charged to the clicker – and we ok on the treat front too.


    So what was the problem with the clicker? :-\


    the fact she looked like id just hit her everytime i clicked it – its me im sure of it – the very fact she looked ‘happy’ when you clicked it shows that  :embarrass: we screwed it up first time i tried it to the point she wont even EAT those particular treats  :embarrass: then followed bevs advice and yep think we charged it i just always felt she wasnt enjoying it so stopped……….but she seemed ok when you clicked it – so is me  🙁 ive made her into a neurotic pooch  ::)


    I think you look to far into it with Honeys reaction

    Try it again – cant hurt can it?


    I probably do not going to disagree with that  :yes: BUT I just hate to do stuff with her that she might not be enjoying – shes so flippin noise phobic – she still hates the microwave despite us not doing/saying anything when she reacts  ::)


    ok….chill…. 🙂

    i doubt very much if the diva is traumatised….

    am waiting for someone to have a ahah moment……i’ll make it a bit easier….whats wrong with this…

    we did the scattering treats and clicking – just as you said the click treat click treat…


    shouldnt it be click then treat?

    not click treat with treats on the floor already?  :-\

    Fuzzy head daytoday  :embarrass: :whistle:


    suz said click treat… 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 47 total)
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