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    for the 2 cavs with colitus is wrong  :nono:

    Am starting to worry that this could affect the board if she is giving out the wrong advise.

    Thoughts guys?


    hang on will go have a look


    Here we go again >:(


    ;D  ;D sorted she not like it tough  😛  😛

    she doesnt need to post the link its inher sig or people can reply via the htread and she can do thehard work and collect the answers  :ok:


    Was she posting loads of links back to her blog again?


    not loads no but claire had posted one – COlin it was going to cause uproar just felt it was better removed – ive got claire moaning at me to remove other replies,  :-\ :-\ did i do the right thing  🙁


    Sounds good to me Suz

    Ms Cuddy can ask the questions and look for replies, I am sure she will use on her blog.  But to blatantly link back to her blog, I think is a no no.

    Those that know her and what she is doing will know about her blog, but those seeking advice may look at the answers that are posted here.

    I did notice that she got some good replies, like it sounds like a normal BC that was not getting enough mental stimulation.  Lets keep Claire on her toes?  Every one will have an opinion, not all will agree.


    Thanks Colin – I removed Lassies posts just to prevent Claire coming and moaning to you  :-\

    I dont see why Cuddy cant just post whats written on her blog  ::) Ive no problem her posting the stuf just not the blatant advertising of her site!

    Shes a royal pain in the you know what  :agree:


    Why cant we get rid of Mrs Cuddy???  >:( >:(

    She annoys the hell out of most members anyways

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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