Bev…dog food/feeding? help? please ?

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    ok as you know stan has had tummy probs in the past with food, i found that chappie and wainrights kept his tummy stable however stan is becoming quite loose and i think it may be down to his food also due to a change in sercumstances i can not afford the price of chappie (it is £1 per tin  ::) double the original price) so i realy need some help on changing his food and which foods to try?

    we have tried the following and it has cause tum upset:
    tescos cheap crap :vomit: (not for a very long long time though)
    bakers (tins)
    butchers (tins)
    burns (bikkies)
    waggis (?) (bikkies)

    any help please?


    I get Chappie at Waitrose for 45p a small tin.
    You could try Arden Grange not the best food but not bad either :-\


    sorry kerrie but havent we been here before?

    Why is his tummy upset now if hes been on same food for? months and no problem – must be something .

    there isnt much left to try – not thats actually any good…………


    also due to a change in sercumstances i can not afford the price of chappie (it is £1 per tin

    If it’s due to finances perhaps Bev Will do you a diet sheet and you could try raw/homecooked again


    suz yes we have been here before, the only things that he has been eating is his ussual meals and the occasional marrow bone (ecept the mould ham last week). he hasnt got a very bad tum like he has before but he is getting a bit loose.

    Lassie unfortunatly it is due to finances and unfortunatly we dont have a waitrose on the island, or not that i know of.
    i can not go into detail on a public forum as to my sercumstance but at the same time i dont want people thinking that i am trying to skimp on stans care.

    i think that trying to introduce homecooked/raw but under a controled diet this time instead of just chuckig things together might be the way to go. i think i will PM Bev unless she sees this first


    You need a diet sheet from bev – he clearly cant cope with any form of balls in a bag/tinned stuff – pm here.


    a dog that is not used to fresh meaty bones ….as in has them infrequently on top of other foods……will be loose if given a marrow bone….have said this many times….

    everytime you have altered his food without introducing it slowly you put his gut in turmoil…his gut flora is constantly being bombarded with change…i can do diet after diet after diet but at the end of the day only you can assess what works for your dog….and that is trial and error…just like i have had to work and adjust falkors diet and just like i am now having to do with tedtoo….the problem also is that the likes of chappie does not contain the same foods …the recipe isnt written in stone…it depends on market availability of the products….so the fats and amino acids are not the same in each batch and you dont know what they are…you are relying on what is in the tin….and at a £1 per tin you are paying around 70p – 80p for water… dont KNOW what you are feeding him …ergo you dont KNOW what his intolerance is…it is not in your control is it?

    assuming there is nothing going on in the gut….and you will only know that with faecal tests, blood tests, urine tests etc then i suggest you start to find out what he can tolerate….and that means 6 – 12 weeks of trials….while at the same time improving the gut flora with pre and pro biotics

    if he was mine i would start with raw bones in the mornings that are not loaded with marrow….ribs, spine, shoulder bones etc and raw minced meat with plain wholemeal terrier meal in the evening…..i would be giving live yoghurt, banana and raw oats as pre and pro biotics….

    i would assess that for 5 days then would start to add/alter other proteins

    once i knew what proteins worked for him …i would start to add veg etc….

    and so on until i got it right…..

    you have a tesco’s……cheap beef mince is around £1 a pack …this would do 4 evening meals if he has had bones in the morning…their own oats are about 90p a bag…..their own yoghurt is around 44p a large carton….that will give 4 portions….

    go and talk to your grocer and ask him to save you the bruised damaged bananas

    you have a game butcher on the island ….lucky you…..many live miles from a decent game butcher….

    24 Scarrots Lane
    Isle of Wight
    PO30 1JD

    01983 821017

    call them and ask them to keep you bones and trimmings and any scraps from all meats…arrange a pick up day ….then sort it out yourself …..

    alternatively……make your own dog food….one cheap chicken will do you 10 days food if made into porridge…..tesco are doing 3 for £10 ….thats 30 meals…..thats 33p + 15p for oats and biscuits and bruised cheap veg or a couple of carrots or your veg trimmings….
    get the butchers trimmings for free and it even cheaper….bones in the morning and a cooked meal at night…

    get some potatoes in for mash for the ‘failed’ days …or some baby kaolin….or some arrowroot….and work it through…this is not an over night magic wand sorted situation…..i am in my 9th week of sorting out ted and only 50% there….feeding dogs is not rocket science and it isnt about expensive foods… is about time energy thought and the will to get it right….took weeks and weeks and weeks for suz val and myself to sort out the diva’s diet….have said it before will say it again kerrie…am happy to help am happy to guide….but at the end of the day we have been here before…this could have been sorted already…only you can do the hard work….

    sorry if this sounds hard but he been messed about with too long and unless you sort this then he is going to seriously ill in later life…..and that will be expensive…you know where i am


    and PS

    what are you using for training treats??


    bev i completly understand what you mean and i will admitt that when he had his tummy probs i got scared and went back to the ‘safe’ food. i am trying to learn but anything that happens outside of my control i tend to panic. but now i want to do right by him and i want to get this right this time.

    i didnt even know that there was a game butcher on the island 😀 i will definatly ring them and see what they say. my local butchers used to give me thier offcuts and bones that would be thrown away.

    bev im going to PM you


    Can only echo Bev – it took probably 6 months to sort the diva, far from 6-12 weeks, and even now the odd thing can set her off, some of my old topics on it are god knows how many pages long, with me then coming back again when the oddest things seem to set her off. it is however totally worth it.


    i will try to dig through the topics and see if i can find any of your old posts suz.
    the first time i tried raw/homecooked i got it wrong, i totally admitt that but i realy want to get it right this time and with the help of Bev and you lot i hope that i can learn to get it right ;D

    i need to sort my freezers out now 😀 right so i will ring the game butcher and speak to my butcher tomorrow


    i spoke to the game butcher in scarrets lane and they told me that they have all the off cuts and bones prossesed and due to some sort of regulation cant give them to the public, the only bones they stock for the public are marrow bones 🙁


    ive just been for a gander ;D and now i have questions

    i have found a local grocer that throws his unussable produce and has said that i can have some.
    can you freeze fruit and veg to use for a later date?
    he gave me a massive bag of fruit and veg, it isnt the best produce and only has aybe a couple of days left in them but can i freeze them until i can use them?


    You should of said you want them for making stock it’s because of common market regs

    [quote author=kerrie and stan link=topic=14710.msg272149#msg272149 date=1252589896]
    i spoke to the game butcher in scarrets lane and they told me that they have all the off cuts and bones prossesed and due to some sort of regulation cant give them to the public, the only bones they stock for the public are marrow bones 🙁



    oh i didnt think of that ::) silly me, that is a shame.


    yes you can freeze vegetables this breaks down the cellular walls and enables them to be digested properly so you can avoid cooking and/or pulping.

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