Bev…dog food/feeding? help? please ?

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    excelant i will get to chopping them and bagging them then, thankyou ;D


    did not know that.. so we can shove stuff in freezer and then not have to blend it?


    I always have a stock of veg in the freezer as I get it from the farms in sacks this lot can get winter veg in the middle of summer  ;D


    ok so if it is frozen it brakes down the molecules so we dont have to blend it, so does it get defrosted and then chucked straight into the dinner then?

    right now ive got to take all my things out of my 6ft freezer so that the dog can have it 😀 😀


    go tell your butcher in the nicest possible way he is talking out of his xxxx and to re check the regs…he can give you any bones or trimmings that have not been put in his collection bin…hence the call first…he cannot remove out of the bin once in…and he has to pay for that to be picked up ….but he can store for you in his fridge….


    😀 😀 Bev they arent my ussual butchers and havent had any dealing with them before.
    i rang the number that you posted and spoke to the manager, he told me to ring his head company who is also based on the island and ask them. i rang them and asked if i could have any bones and off cuts that they might throw away and that was when they said that they cant and they all get processed


    then re educate them…i picked up a full black bag of bones and trimmings today from the butcher i use… is a mix of pork. lamb and bone…i am now trung to give some of it away as i havnt room for it….i called them yesterday and said i would get today…dont give to the bone man ..keep for me…
    this same butcher also supplies bones etc for local chinese rest…..other dog feeders etc and only has the bone man come once a fortnight….it saves him hundreds ….they not read the regs correctly…tell them otherwise….if they got a prob give them my number and i will talk to them…
    cheeses me off…fast to blame Ec regs and they havnt even read them  :canadian: :canadian:


    i will give them another ring or i might pop into the butchers and speak to someone personally.
    this game butcher apparently doesnt give to a bone man but process’ the stuff them self and turn them into fertalizer? and glue


    i will also be going and seeing my normal butchers tomorow so will speak to them about getting my regular supply back again


    ROFLOLPMSL…. :what:  :what:

    HE HAS A GLUE PLANT AND A FERTILZER PRODUCTION SYSTEM OUT BACK …yeah right…he more than likey doing a deal locally…mmmm interesting…i wonder what authority knows that then  :gum:


    😀 😀 😀 does make you wonder doesnt it lol might do a bit of digging there ;D

    i spoke to my regular butcher the other day and he said that he can sort me out with my regular supply of bones again and that he will sort out a bag of rib bones for me to pic up on thursday.
    so on friday i will be starting his new diet but Bev i need to know a few things:
    do i start the pre/pro biotics now or on the day that he starts his new diet?
    how much pre/ pro biotics do i give him?

    also just out of interest is there a thread that has a list of what is pre and pro? i know it has been posted about banannas, oats and pro bio yoghurt but was just wondering about any others? i will go and have a search.


    ok ignore the last question 😀 ive just found an earlier post that has the pre/ pros in it,11966.15.html


    i gave stan a bannana the other days and he gave me such a dirty look as if to say ‘you expect me to eat that soft goopy thing’ anyway he took and andproptly spat it out onto his rug and left it there so i chucked it in with his dinner and he ate it. the next day i gave him another narna and he spat that out on the rug aswell but 10 mins later he had eaten it 😀 fussy strange dog lol

    ok he is now on:
    oats mixed with yoghurt and chappie (brecky)
    normal bikkies for dinner
    narna during the day
    this is at the moment but will be changing

    he upchucked this morning but i think it might have been because i mixed the yoghurt with his bikkies :-[ so will see how he is tomorrow.

    do you think it would be worth giving him the chappie and oats in the morning then a narna with the yoghurt in the afternoon and then his normal bikkies at night, baring in mind that this is just temporary until he is switched to his new diet?

    also i bought a whole load of chickens today from tescos because they were only £2 each ;D my 6ft and 3ft freezer are now both officially full and i still need to fit the bones in lol

    quote :

    also i bought a whole load of chickens today from tescos because they were only £2 each  ;D my 6ft and 3ft freezer are now both officially full and i still need to fit the bones in lol

    I think what you needs is garden filled with poultry to make space in the freezer. Stick a banana up their  :butt: and let Stanman catch his diner  :tease:  :yes: . Bwahahaha  😀

    I hope soon the troubles with his insides are over Kerrie  :-* .


    😀 😀 rotflmao
    i would love to have a load of chickens and let stan catch his own dinner, heck he chases the rabbits but neve catchs them 😀

    think i need to send him to you diesel or Bev for a few weeks :tease:

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