Bev…dog food/feeding? help? please ?

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    ok for some reason the bannanas are making Stan sick ???
    i was giving him yoghurt, narnies and oats but the next day he was up chucking so i eliminated each item by first feeding yoghurt for few days (he was fine) then added oats (he was fine) add bannana and he up chucked the next day. any thoughts on why this might be?


    He does not like them some dogs don’t Jazz doesn’t like them


    Willow doesn’t like bananas either.. well she would chew it until it went mushy then spit it out. Mucky pup she is.


    oh ok, i shall stop feeding them then ;D


    My Tarco luuuurved bananas. But…. it always came out in ‘the wrong consistancy’ ::) . Gave him a stinky runny sticky splashbutt  :vomit: .


    My pekingese adore them  ;D Eshia eats them because they are food she would eat anything, and as I said Jazz does not like them


    Diesel will eat his bananas when they are mashed with vanilla and mixed with yogurt. Wodan ……..  ::) banana is ‘non-animal’, therefor yuk. Hidden between his meat, no problem.


    stan will eat them but he then up chucks the next morning :vomit:

    is there any other pre biotic that i can give him or will i have to buy some pre powder?


    raw oats


    oh i keep thinking they are a pro, :crazy:

    im still waiting for the bones ::) the butchers keep saying that the transporters didnt bring them down as they had reached thier weight limit.


    stans been a bit loose today and for the first time i saw him drag his bottom on the floor ??? why is that? does he need his glads done?


    he needs bones.


    he needs a “hard” poo – sorry  ;D  bones will do this so will push against anal glands and empty them – then he wont need to skateboard on his butt


    he had a bone on sunday ok will give him another one tomorrow


    noo noo gets bones every second day – he has teeth like this  ;D and a butt like this  :butt:

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 53 total)
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