Bev…dog food/feeding? help? please ?

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    i am working up to the bones every day but dont want to overload his system.

    oh Bev i went to see those fetilizing/ glue making butchers today ๐Ÿ˜€ urm yes was not impressed by the ‘butcher’. this is what happened:
    me: im after some bone
    butcher: what sort of bones?
    me: bones for my dog.
    butcher: oh i thought you were after bones for stock or something.
    me: no im just wanting some bones for my dog
    butcher: ok we have some marrow bones in the freezer. how big is your dog?
    me: hes a big dog but do you have any non weight baring bones?
    butcher: non weight baring?
    me: yes
    butchers: what do you mean by non wieght baring?
    me: like ribs, spine ect
    butcher: oh ok, we dont have any here but i can try and get some for you for next week.

    so im going to go back next week to get some, but was rather surprised that a butcher didnt know what i ment by non weight baring :-\

    quote :

    so im going to go back next week to get some, but was rather surprised that a butcher didnt know what i ment by non weight baring

    I’m not really. If it like here in Belgium….Most of gross of butchers have parts of animals delivered in pieces. Slaughterhouses is where ‘the experts’ are.


    well we are slowly getting there, after weeks of my regular butcher telling me that the bones havent come i went to another butchers and got a few bones.
    stan is now haveing bones for brekky every few days, yoghurt with oats inbetween brekky and lunch and then bikkies for dinner.
    i will be trying to introduce meats for dinner soon, hopefully with the help of Bev if she is about??
    touch wood, fingers crossed etc we havent had any tummy problems so hopefully im getting it right this time ;D

    there is one thing though, ive noticed that Stan has lost some weight since trying to get him onto his new diet, should i be conserned about this or is it just because hes having a change over? also this will probly sound stupid but what puts weight on dogs? is it food in general or specific things like fats or things? and should i feed him more biscuites at night to get his weight back up?


    Are you sure that your dog has lost weight (eg have you weighed him) or has his shape changed?

    IME many raw fed dogs have a raw fed shape if that makes sense………..

    Biscuits are carbs and therefore sugars; they do not put weight on a dog. You need fat for that.

    Many raw feeders like myself do exactly that and feed no grain or cereals at all.


    it is his shape that has changed, i havent actually weighed him but he looks differant to what im used to seeing him as. he not riby or anything like that but i dont know how to explain it hes just differant ๐Ÿ˜€

    i have spoken to the butchers and he is going to do me up some speciel mixed mince for stan that wont have any beef in it. so once i get that i can finally start changing him over gradually.

    bloomin butchers though ::) i rang them up this morning to see if they had my bones in and they said yes they had arrived, so i told them that i would take the lot and that i would be down shortly to pick them up. now bare in mind that i told them 3 weeks ago that i wanted ribs/ spines etc NOT weight baring bones like leg bones, well i get down there and what do they have……. Marrow bones ๐Ÿ˜ฎ well i was not impressed, i told them that they werent the bones i wanted and that i would pop back on friday to speak to the boss. so im still waiting on somes bones :boooo:


    stan is chowing down on a chicken leg and wing this morning, i love wathing him eating bones ;D
    i was thinking of doing him up some chicken breast for dinner but not sure if i should give anything with it, like pasta or rice or just leave it as chicken?? just cautions because of previouse tummy probs


    What are you feeding the rice and pasta for?

    Dogs do not NEED it.

    However lots of dogs seem to do well on it.

    I have raw fed for over 8 years and have never given rice, pasta, barley, rye etc unless in “emergency” food such as Natures Harvest.


    ok i will just give him chicken for dinner ๐Ÿ™‚

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