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    Am in need of idea for what to do for my genetics assignment, got 800 words to play with.

    Needs to be a genetic inherited disorder in dogs.

    Cant do epilepsy or HD (obviously)

    wondered if I could ask for a push in the right direction please? need something different from the usual  🙂


    how about myasthenia gravis that affects springers?


    :ok: any info wold be good please!  ;D


    Myasthenia Gravis (MG ) means muscle…(My is prefixed to…) Asthenia means weakness… (Muscles in the body are controlled by individual nerve via a junction to the muscle where there is a gap called the neuromuscular junction. A signal travels along the nerve as an electrical current and when it reaches the ‘gap’ it has to do the leap across; in order to succeed it needs the chemical messenger acetylcholine; this is normally released from the end of the nerve, goes across the gap and fixes itself to a waiting acetylcholine receptor on the muscle. Once the acetylcholine fixes on the  receptor a signal is triggered which causes the muscle to contract. When suffering from MG there is abnormal transfer so this process doesn’t happen or not completely and the transmission of the message between the nerves and the muscles fails the result of these failures means that as the muscles can’t contract properly they become weak…

    There you go a starter for 10….

    there are 2 forms of the disease
    there are 2 main muscle types that are most commonly affected
    springers are one of the breeds that are prone..there are others
    there is some amazing treatment that is quite fascinating

    have fun xx


    Thank you!

    Will report back later!  ;D


    Can I get some help with the punnet sqaure please???

    Have thoroughly confused myself with it now and think I have buggered it all up!  :-\ :-\


    Tomorrow ok what you done


    Have read about it, tried to understand but am going nowhere fast with it.  :'(

    I dont understand the whole MG is autosomal recessive! :-\ :-\ and how it fits in with the rest?

    Would have prefered to do the longer version than this shorter version, I just cannot get my head round the whole dominant/recessive gene thing :-[ 


    so for example:

    M               m
    M MM = Clear           Mm = Carrier
    m Mm = Carrier        Mm = Affected

    Is this right?? :-\ :-\

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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