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    Good one BB  >:D  So who’s gonna go this week then?, I think only Lisa and Sara AREN’T up for eviction, serves em right, they cant seem to get in their heads that talking about it is against the rules ::)


    How stupid are they?  I’m sure from previou years nominations weren’t talked about as much as this year  ::)


    lots of people think its a scam by BB to not lose either dale or luke  :-\


    Will make them a bit more money too – all those people up to vote for  😉

    Serves em right – I sooooooooooo hope darnell rex or mohammed goes. I was just starting to warm to rex but hes blown it with his arrogant attitude over the video clips – like HE being mr wonderful didnt say ANYTHING bad on his clip – what an arse  >:(


    Rex makes me laugh

    [quote author=Foxisle_crazy link=topic=11650.msg233395#msg233395 date=1217441725]
    lots of people think its a scam by BB to not lose either dale or luke  :-\

    but the whole thing is by BB – BB can make their own rules it doesnt really matter what others think

    personally i think its an awsome idea – theres only Mickey, Sara and Lisa not up



    It does when you’re paying money to vote for them out and now there’s a big chance they wont go  :-\


    i thought they were not making money this year from calls that it was going to charity?


    and now May has gone – wonder what thats all about


    i don’t think she was happy after Rex had a go about her personality after watching the vids  :-\


    Dont know – must watch tonight to find out!


    Get Luke Out!!!! >:D >:D


    lol why Laura you not like him?  😀
    I think Mo should go – fancy him saying he isnt greedy, I mean white lies are ok but big fat lies are NOT  >:D



    What a twist, i cant wait to see how this turns out!  I’ve got a strange feeling Rex’s gf isn’t going to be nice  ::)


    What have I missed  ???  ::)


    Luke’s out and they’re now going to announce that Rex’s girlfriend is going in!  ;D  And Lisa called her common!  😀

Viewing 15 posts - 451 through 465 (of 506 total)
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