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    just watched
    he’s one seriously screwed up guy eh! :crazy:
    last year they evicted someone for bullying, maybe we should complain to C4 and get him out, I dont like people like that, I dont know how Sara hasnt punched him one, Think Rex has realised it went too far, good on him for apologising, notice Darnell said nothing :boooo:


    :boooo: he was out of order, what did he call her? a slut? id have punched his lgihts out if hed said that to me  :nono:


    :ok: good on the girls for sharing, wonder if the boys would have done the same :-\


    would have been interesting if Rex and Mo had been in there  :whistle:


    hahaha if rex and mo had had to do it they would NOT have shared!

    And yep good on the girls for sharing – why not 25 grand is still a LOT of money!  ;D


    Dear doG the trauma  :surprise:  😀

    poor Mo  😀

    ad poor Catraya  😀

    Rex could barely hold his smile in  :nono: he must think he’s well in there now  :what:


    Katraya – god couldnt watch her interview shes like a teletubbie on speed  :canadian: :canadian:

    really not sure who i want to win now,……


    this is the first time i don’t like anyone who is left! >:( ::)

    can’t believe Rex didn’t go last night what is going on! :what: :nono:

    soooo glad Mo is gone! he was awful


    im so glad Kats out – she so drives me mad


    Rex to win!  :ok:


    Rex to win!

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  I can’t believe the horrible man is still in there!  :boooo:


    me neither – sara is just annoying she should be sold with a gag!! darnell is just odd and i am sure slightly unstable! Mikey i dont know – something about him i dont like…….and sarah – well id give her the money if she just calmed down a bit  😀


    apparently C4 are gunning for Rex to win cause they want to do a series on his cooking etc  ::)


    dear god cant imagine anything more mind numbing! I dont like cooking anyway let alone with him telling you what to do  :nono:


    They were talking about a series with him & nicole running one of his parents restaurants ::) they will do it whether he wins or not, he doesnt deserve the money, none of them do :nono:

Viewing 15 posts - 481 through 495 (of 506 total)
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