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    [quote author=Foxisle_crazy link=topic=11650.msg239091#msg239091 date=1220456412]
    Rex to win!  :ok:
    :boooo: :nono: :boooo:
    no way!! he’s awful! such a nasty piece of work >:(

    just a quick thought – just how much money has rex’s family got? they way he goes on about it lets just say a lot ::) if they’ve got sooo much money it’s not even gunna graze them by spending a couple of grand on voting for him thousands of times to win. There would certainly be something up if he wins ::)

    sara is sooo annoying and is just a major flirt – she’s brought some of what she got on herself for the way she clinged to each of the men. First it was mikey, then darnell, then stu, then mo, rex and darnell again the other night.

    I’m with you on the mikey front suz – there’s just something that makes me cringe with him. Not to mention i can’t get the ‘scooosh some cream in her ****’ joke out of my head from ages ago ::)

    i feel sorry for darnell – he’s had such a hard life being a black man in a white body it’s certainly screwed with him (wouldn’t it screw with us all though) All he wants is to be accepted as himself and have the wife and kids. I understand why he went off on one at sara because he really did like her and she acted as if she liked him back – making it extremely embarrassing and hurtful when she moved onto stu. I don’t think she knows how much he was hurt by it all. I’m not excussing him for what he said to her cos he did go to far that night.

    as long as mikey and rex don’t win i can put up with the rest of them ::)


    stopped watching when i went on holiday and since stu & dale went i didn’t really like anyone else, wouldn’t have minded if lisa had won as that would have pee’d mario off big style  :happy: but mikey gives me the creeps, rex is annoying and i don’t really have an opinion on sara, missed all her nasty flirting stuff  :sleepy:


    Well  Done Rachel  I suppose, didnt really think any of them deserved the money but she was honest and never said a bad word to anyone else did she, didnt win by much though only 1  1/2/ %, see minger whinger Nicole was there ooooooooooooooooooocould quite easily strangle her 😛 :vomit:


    Whether or not she deserved to win Rachel didn’t deserve the boos or Davina asking leading questions about splitting the money  :nono:


    rex should have won he was a funny guy  ;D


    I really can’t believe Rachel won,im proper sceptical like.  She did NOTHING!  :boooo: :boooo: :boooo: :boooo:


    Not surprised Rachel won really, to be honest I didn’t really know who I wanted to win!!  :whatever:


    [quote author=TobyTeaCosy and Angela link=topic=11650.msg239488#msg239488 date=1220655145]
    Whether or not she deserved to win Rachel didn’t deserve the boos or Davina asking leading questions about splitting the money  :nono:

    Did she? I never saw that, thats not on at all >:(


    to be honest – 8 out of 10 cats on afterwards was far more interesting – and funny – than the bb final  ;D


    when i saw she had won i turned it off and went to bed – so i didnt see if she got boo’d or anything else

    shes so boring and dull just wasnt intrested really


    I have tried twice to watch it… both times I fell asleep after Darnell came out.

    Could NOT believe it when I heard she won. No offence to the girl.. but Boooooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnng.

Viewing 11 posts - 496 through 506 (of 506 total)
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