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big scary green things

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    recently, a couple of weeks, stan has started spooking at bus’s and big lorries (anything big realy 😀 ) so what can i do to stop this?


    bev gonna want more info than that  😉


    ok there was no specific event that trigered it, he started spooking at plastic bags and people walking behind us then went onto bus’s and lorries etc. i dont reinforce it at all, when he does it i dont change the lead length or tighten up and i just keep walking even when hes arssing around and knocking into me and wiggling on the lead (he has been trodden on a couple of time by accident because of this) i dont say anything before, during or after the event.
    i have occasionally made him sit by the edge of the pavment as a bus goes past with the same result, he only does it if he is on the side nearest the road on the other side of me he is fine ( and please dont say “walk him on the other side then” 😉 because he has never done this before and i want to get it sorted)

    anything else just yell ;D


    i thought this was going to be about green gloop hanging off the ceiling  😀


    [quote author=xtine link=topic=11822.msg225266#msg225266 date=1213908679]
    i thought this was going to be about green gloop hanging off the ceiling  😀

    me too  😀 – though i don’t know how you train green gloop.  ;D either that or frogs.

    there must have been a first time he did it though – -do you remember when? what the situation was? how old was he when he started spooking at plastic bags etc – since you have had him or more recent? anything else going off at time? work changes, family stuff etc?

    can’t think of any more questions – is getting bit late at night\ early in morning\ however you like to put it.  ;D ;D just write down everything you can think of that might be relevant – and i won’t be any help at all probably  ;D but bev and others will.  🙂


    green gloop 😀 😀

    ok the first time he did it was about 3-4 weeks ago, we were walking down the road and as we walked past a road sign he spooked i didnt see or hear anything at the time he spooked.
    i have had stan 14 months so it has only been recently, he is 4yrs. the only major changes have been in october ’07 and march ’08 other than that i have kept things fairly steady with him


    kiz have you got any ideas as hes now doing it with motor bikes and i dont want this to escalate into somthing dangerouse :-\


    think she’s working away this weekend, you’ll be better to bump it tomorrow.  😉


    when did the plastic bag stuff start? has he spooked at anything else? does he spook every time or only in specific places\ times\ situations (eg on side nearest traffic\ trapped\ if lead got tight\whatever)? sorry just trying to think of as much as poss you can have written down already.  ;D


    sorry not really helpful  ;D but

    is it only green things?  ;D 😀

    ok more helfpful

    is it to do with noises? Gracie does from time to time not spook as such but wants to get near plastic bags and tractors she not keen on them, thinks they need to be chased off

    do you often walk where there big lorries buses etc, or is it fairly new to?
    strange that bags started it, with the people walking behind were they trying to wind him up / do something you didnt see hear?


    ok here goes 😀

    – plastic bag stuff started at the begining about 3-4 weeks ago
    – he will spook at anything big and now motorbikes as well
    – he does look at the scary things if he is on the ‘wall’ side of me but doesnt spook, if he is on the road side of me then he does spook
    – i have a 2 foot rope lead and i ussually hold it half way down as he walks better on a slack lead
    – unfortunatly gracie it isnt just big green things 😀 its big things in general
    – i dont know if it is the noises they make (could be), he spooks at the single decker bus’s which are quite quiet
    – big things arent new to him as i live on a busy road, have a coach park down the road and have a bus stop right outside my front door 😀
    – it is possible that someone was winding him up that i didnt see, but the first time he spooked at a person all the person did was walk round us

    anything i have missed 😀 ;D


    probably.  ;D but i can’t think of it.  😀


    just bumping for when kiz has a chance to have a read ;D


    BEV!!! or anyone ;D please please please please please help :-\

    stan very nearly got ran over on his walk this evening. he spooked at a car coming from behind and shot out in front of me and into the road i managed to drag him out of the road with the lead just before he got hit by a car :-\ :'(


    poor stan.  :-*

    i am really no help – except to say i suspect you will have to work at what he feels is a ‘safe’ distance from the traffic and work towards it. You need bev or sweetypye, or val. or poss mark – think he had traffic problems with cass.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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