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    okies, you all know Beau has a dodgy tum well i have started giving him bones again recently in addition to his porridge and marrow bones once a month.

    i have started with smallish lamb bones just one at a time and the odd pork rib…

    i have found that when he has eaten maybe a couple in a couple of days or a large lamb bone he doesn’t digest it all and i get litle lumps of bones in his poop.

    does anyone else get this as i always thought it just all got digested?

    now i’m wondering if this is maybe linked to his tummy problems, maybe he doesn’t have a strong enough system? does that make sense?  ???


    Cant ever remember finding undigested bone in honeys poo………………


    no i think it might just be us  ::)


    Nope not just you  🙂 my 2 have a little bits of bone  pass through aswell  but not everytime, maybe depends on what sort of bone it is?


    When T has bones his poop is often ‘boney’, little bits of white bone and firm.  Think this is quite normal, its a good form of roughage, so is keeping their bowels in good order.  I wouldn’t worry.



    Yep, you’re not alone!  It doesn’t worry me, sometimes if its a really dry poo Izzy squeaks a bit  :hurt: but once she’s passed it she does a mad dash around with her tail under and her dumbo ears on  ::) 😀

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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