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    (My best mate’s little girl)

    Little Bonny girl…. You and my Wodan were the last 2 remaining from the old gang. There was 7 or you… There used to be 7 of you……..
    Since Jess, your big sister, was put to sleep you haven’t been the same anymore. You grieved to much, and now…. now you have been put out of your misery. Cause you were, tiny one  :-* , you were… Your whole body just…. stopped. And now my Wodan all alone.
    Jess was his huuuuge love, but you i guess, you substituted Jess really good. As you both known eachother for more than 10 years and even grown fond of eachother after my Tarco went and your Jess passed on.

    You little tiny one… with sooo much hair on her teets  >:D ….. I will miss your sweet little blooded kisses after the slaughterings. I will miss that little furry JackRusselTerrier coming to nick the necks and stuff i safe for my boys. I’ll even miss your little kisses on my face when you still stink of frest tripe….

    I remember me hiding you under my coat under a blanket on my sofa when i was looking after you and my central heating broke down…. There was loads of snow outside and you were still a little puppy…. You were so cold….. I actually was the one that tought you sofa’s are faaaaar better than the cold floors  :yes: …….  (hahaha, something your master never really forgave me hihihi)

    ……Even though you were a girl…… Bonnygirl, you were a cool dude. 😉
    I will miss you little one, i will miss you  :-* .


    Run Free Bonny


    Run free Bonny xxx


    Run Free Bonny  :-*


    Painful reminder Diesel 🙁
    Run free little Bonny

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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