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    Seeing as how I managed to take over the quiz thread with my book ramlings I thought I would start this one so we can all discuss what books we like, hate or what ever.

    I am currently reading Hard times only got one page in but really like the descriptions of the charactures.

    Also reading a John Francome novel hes on of those jockies who have turned to writing so far its quite interesting but predictable.

    Rachel 🙂


    Sorry am one of those people (please dont tell me its just me) who grabs a book startsreading and either finishes the book or sont bother, I love reading but couldnt tell you the authour or name of the book im reading right now, mind i do have the Coppinger book on my bedside table half read thats a good dog book  ;D fink thats the name anyway  ???


    I am currently reading Sheila Quigleys Run for Home – she is local to Houghton le Spring (seahills)- really enjoy it looking forward to reading the next one in series – read good thrillers – edge of seat stuff and it is good cos she talks about local areas and pubs etc so it is great to visualise – She is a real down to earth woman and I really enjoy reading her stuff  ;D

    Bev if you havent read her stuff you would enjoy it – like a north east James Patterson


    I use to  read the back of the cornflakes box if I ran out of books ;D but don’t have time now.
    Love Dick Francis ( better than John Francome) James Herbert, the early Steven King books. Dennis Wheatley and any dog book ;D


    good thread! 

    I can’t seem to finish a Dickens book, any Dickens book . I appreciate the quality but the excessive descriptive prose just is too much for me I guess.  It’s like Gabriel garcia Marquez’ book 100 Years of Solitude…it’s a Nobel Prize winner and it’s brilliance is undeniable but i just can’t seem to finish it! Been trying for 10 years!  😀

    I’m currently on a murder/mystery thing…reading a book called Dust…and I’ve just looked for it to tell you the author but i can’t find it  ???  it’s a woman

    I also read a least 1 dog book while I’m reading something else  🙂


    Rachel I loved Gone with the Wind, read it twice along with Jack London’s Call of the Wild, Whistle Down the Wind and Goodnight Mr Tom – that was really sad in parts.


    [quote author=BluePic link=topic=11565.msg218596#msg218596 date=1211838774]
    .and I’ve just looked for it to tell you the author but i can’t find it  ???  it’s a woman


    You’ve narrowed it down well then Nick.  😀

    not reading anything at the moment – too restless, and it requires sitting down and concentrating. my grandmother’s favourite book is the mill on the floss by george eliot – it is horribly depressing, i read it.  >:D

    what i need to read is the book i was given the christmas before last – a doctor in the wilderness by walter yellowlees – who practised up in scotland where my granny lives. he had the dubious pleasure of delivering my mother.  😮 i know – because i skimmed – that he has lots of stuff on how the ills of the western world are caused by processed food – and charting the rise of diabetes and types of cancer etc (in fact he did a programme on radio 4 which i remember hearing) – and considering my diet i just don’t want to know  ;D but i must read it…. saw him on pitlochry station a few years ago – on his way to a wwII commemorative think or something – in his 90s and he looked fitter than me.  ::) (mind you that aint difficult  😀 ).

    i have been part way through a biography of louisa may alcott for the last 18 months – and i can’t remember where i have put it now.  ::) and i have already mentioned pg wodehouse and blandings, and wuthering heights, adn thomas hardy – jude the obscure, tess and return of the native.  ;D


    i didn’t mention the thorn birds.

    don’t get me started on books….

    my doG i could talk the hind leg off a donkey.  ::)


    i have just started reading – wild horse diaries by lizzie spender. its quite good what i have read so far.
    its about a women who has always wanted a horse then when shes about 50yrs she gets give a horse, the only thing is its a wild brumby, so she has to catch it and tame it


    i cannot put books down – i have to be able to read them all 🙂

    i love aircraft crash mysteries 🙂 

    i live for “air crash investigation” (on tv) its just amazing 🙂


    Found it!  Martha Grimes is the author, a big fan of henry James I believe…book is quite good  🙂


    [quote author=BluePic link=topic=11565.msg218786#msg218786 date=1211920584]
    Found it!  Martha Grimes is the author, a big fan of henry James I believe…book is quite good  🙂

    .reading a book called Dust..

    Let me get this straight – you are reading a book called Dust…………by Martha Grimes
    Is this a wind up ;D


    LOL No, it’s the truth!  Never noticed that ‘coincidence’ either  😀


    Any books that you’ve read over and over?  Personally I started reading the Sherlock holmes stories when I was around 8 years old and have never stopped. Probably read each one at least 50 times, just love them.


    The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.

    One of the first socio documentaries and is all about the meat packing industry in Chicago a the turn of the century (19thj)

    Its publication caused a riot and triggered food laws.

    A superb book and you would be surpised how far we have NOT come since those times.  the original food scare book!  Superb illustrations of characters.

    Read it many times.

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