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    My friend is doing an animal course at college which has a library full of doggys books. She said she’ll have a look for some books that i can borrow so really i just want some recommendations. I’m looking for anything to do with dog training, how dogs learn, pack management, raw feeding, gun dog training, breeding, genetics ect ect… anything doggy really :embarrass:

    I’m reading ‘how dogs learn’ by Mary R. Burch & Jon S. Bailey which i’m really enjoying and follows the same logic as Bev’s so any other books along that line would be great 🙂


    Coppinger is good.  Anything by Ian Dunbar -he is really interested to read or Jean Donaldson her stuff is great- Karen Pryor, (these are just favourites of mine – and so am open to any suggestions  ;D)  I like Fogle stuff too (Bens dad – cant remember name) 

    The Complete idiots guide to postive training is a must Laura.  I have some you can borrow – will bring them along to animal health talk. 


    Merles Door and The Social Lives of Dogs

    I keep recommending these but nobody reads them!!  :butt:


    thanks Mudgie will add those to my list 🙂

    those to Nick – i’m open to pretty much anything 🙂


    Have you read the ones by Sarah Fisher: Unlock your dogs potential and 100 ways to train the perfect dog.
    Both really good i thought  ;D

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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