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    :boooo: :boooo: :boooo: :boooo:

    ive put my bloody back out  :boooo: :boooo: :boooo:  :'(  :'( and yes that small bit of information totally deserves its own thread because I SO intend to moan about it quite a bit until it stops hurting  :ok:

    Seeing a chiropracter next thursday!!  :ok: in the meantime – customers being very helpful – I can work drive etc – cant lift, not dogs, is stupid……… :boooo:


    did I post anywhere about the nail in my tyre on monday – i cant remember – well I did and got a flat tyre  :boooo: is so not my week this week – am still smiling – just  ;D  ;D


    Ouch Suz, am always putting my back out

    (((HUGS))) hope you feel better soon  :-* :-*


    fanks Izzie – is very sore………my friend gave me some spray – is helping  :-*


    Bev would tell you to have a bath with black pepper and lavender oil  😉

    Neither of which I like :death: :death:


    :boooo: No carrying dogs?  How’ve you managed it?  Poor you, poor diva too, you two will have to retire to bed for a few days, I can think of one doggy that won’t complain!

    A week of sickness and injury on here me thinks, come to think of it, I banged my head on the door in a really stupid way today  :help: we all need wrapping in cotton wool!


    Suz buy yourself a electric heat pad and an ice pack that you can put in the fridge, you can get both from boots 😉


    [quote author=Izzie link=topic=12479.msg241191#msg241191 date=1221685128]
    Bev would tell you to have a bath with black pepper and lavender oil  😉

    Neither of which I like :death: :death:
    Be great – if I could get IN the bath  :yes:

    Angela – owners lifting them for me, if they cant then dogs jumping up themselves, coffee tables come in so handy as a leg up for the dogs  :canadian: we manage – cannot afford time off, too busy  :yes:


    got plenty of cold here – like a flippin icebox in this house – but is my plan for tomorow Lassie got time to go shopping hopefully! :-*


    Hugs Suz I am aching all over think it’s the damp with me my joints have had no time this year to recover, I have three poodles today along with two hand stips my poor hands tonight  :-\
    I have put my heated blanket on high had two large bomber tablets and am going to bed have only three dogs tomorrow westie and two shiddies
    Hope you back makes tomorrow


    oh hun.. am sorry to hear that! big  :boooo:.. my mate has been off school with back..only done a day with her kids  :boooo: hope it’s ok for you going to see anyone about it?  :-*  :-*


    See you always know how I feel  :-* I will either wake up tomorrow and be unable to move – or be ok………….I got an easyisj day except for two large dogs end of day…if i cant finish i will rebook – will see how i am in the morning  :yes:  :-* You take it easy too  -us groomers are precious you know  😉

    thanks hun – seeing a chiropracter – next thursday……………  :-*  :-*


    ouch suz…hope it better soon… :-*


    oh dear hate that i do it quite often too and its awful…hope its better soon  :yes:


    Use some of your mums Voltarol gel, my back is aching like mad today last night couldnt sleep properly couldnt get comfy, knees are aching just generally feel like S***e so I can sympathise Suz :-*
    Managed a piece of toast this morning felt a bit  :vomit: after but have managed to keep it down!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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