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Border Collies

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    im wanting to find out a bit more about border collies from people who have owned them, searched all over the net and found tons of ussefull information about them but thought i would ask for peoples oppinions of them from those that have had them.

    Any info would be greatly accepted ;D


    pm Waggi, she the brains on Collies


    thanks Izzie i will send he a message ;D


    Here Izzie on your instructions x

    What would you like to know Kerrie

    I have had them all my life and i couldnt live with another breed of dog but i’ll admit they arnt for everyone

    I have 3 full BC’s and a X at the moment but ive had all sorts

    Cleo – is about 10 and a farm type – shes hard work and not the easiest dog to live with – although she doesnt have a lot of herding insticts shes clever, manipulating and a darn right cow bag, shes about as tough a dog as it gets to be honest
    Glen – has a temprement to die for however i wouldnt trust him around lifestock – Glen herds and stalks a lot but hes such a good boy even if a bit nervy
    Oban – is a complete shit bag, he has more herding instict than he knows what to do with – he will herd anything and everything he needs firm non moving boundries and has to know what he can and cant herd – i would say “not a novice ride” lol

    they are all very diffrent – i certainly wouldnt say go down the show lines route if you want less herding instict though

    collies do need to have a mentally stimulating life though or they will find their own mental stimulation – usually in distroying your life lol

    they are always ready to go somewhere – and will go forever and ever and ever – they will come home and they wont be tired

    tell me what you want to know and i’m sure i’ll have an answer lol  😉


    well your holly border collieness ;D

    I am going to see 2 BCs, one is 1yr old entire male, other is a 3yr old neutered male. both are supposed to be good with children. 1yr is a handfull and needs lots of attention, the 3yr is quiet and sweet (this is just what i have been told over the phone)

    what would your impressions be from that?
    i was interested in the 3yr old one but is quiet necessarily good?
    was looking to get a dog that i can possibly do shows with, would they be suitable?
    happy to do training but am limited in my movements at the moment , due to riding accident. so would they be suitable?


    it depends on what you mean by shows ?
    agility, flyball ?

    personally id go for handful because i never take the easy route

    but it all depends what your after – and experience in training

    it also depends what they mean by quiet ???? is quiet – unchallenging ????

    id go with an open mind really OR get a puppy x


    was thinking obedience and possibly flyball

    i have some experiance in training but not too much and i dont want to take on more than i can handle

    i think i will go and take a look at them both and see what they are like with my own eyes and then get back to you and decide if either of them are suitable or not, think thats the best idea ;D

    thanks Wags, im seeing them at 4:30pm ish so will let you know in the evening



    good luck
    and take lots of pictures

    watch for eye balling – cos a dog that constantly eye balls everybloody thing is a nightmare lol


    will do ;D


    They are a mad mad breed  ;D but then so is Wags  :ok: :pray:she’s syber kill me :scared:


    well how rude Val xxxx


    ;D Really missed Ya  :-* how is the baby boy  :-*

    [quote author=wags link=topic=15693.msg278889#msg278889 date=1296427010]
    well how rude Val xxxx


    missing a lot of teeth at the moment – eating me out of house and home and growing at a stupid rate

    he needs to stop it really hes 7 and has to have 8-9 year old clothes hes so tall


    blimy how tall is he? should post some new photos ;D

    just been to see the collies. the 1yr old was mad and i mean mental lol but so much fun. the older one, Max, was soppy and gentl but also a handfull so they definatly both need training 😀

    i decided that because my sister has a little one that the 1yr was a bit to hypo for them
    Max though was a gem, lovely soft eyes, didnt shrink away but wasnt aggressive either. he put the other dog in its place but was playfull with him aswell. he didnt mind being pulled about, no food aggression.
    the only thing with max is that he does ‘spin’ when he sees a car but the owner told me that he doesnt get out so im sure that it would go with some training?
    im also geussing that because he doesnt get taken out for walks that he will have no road sence or recall but he is smart so im sure he will pick that up very quickly

    so what do you think Wags ;D


    it kinda depends on what they mean by spinning when he sees a car – Oban has in the past had serious car related issues

    it could easily be solved by sitting in a pub beer garden near a road so that eventually he thinks cars are so dull they arnt worth bothering about

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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