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    I had not hoped for anything it was others that thought she was looking good  😉
    See you tomorrow outside Brockenhurst Station 10-10 you won’t miss me the station only has a narrow front, did a recki on the way home tonight  ;D

    [quote author=danhappy link=topic=11916.msg235672#msg235672 date=1218311535]
    Ive been thinking of you today with the weather.  Sorry to hear didnt go as well as you hoped but she’s still our no.1  :-*


    I shall see you then  ;D  The weather forecast is meant to be dry tommorow so Im going to keep my fingers crossed for everyone.


    [quote author=Val link=topic=11916.msg235610#msg235610 date=1218304591]
    It’s a bit hard to show a dog and take pictures  ::) :-*
    tut tut not take a side kick with you to take some piccie’s 😀 :-*

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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