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    Fireworks might as well be in my front room they that loud and my front door has that many cracks in it ( it being replaced dont worry!!)

    Dex i dont think has noticed them haha! ( manny and honey at my mates as we off to a dog show early, but they are fine too honeys always better there and manny couldnt give a toss!!)

    [img width=351 height=468][/img]


    Shiney boyo  ;D :-* :-* :-*


    Umm…not from England. What are the nightly fireworks for everyone’s talking about? Also, what is bovvered–bothered? disturbed? Dex has beautiful coat BTW!


    guy fawkes night…bonfire night

    originally only celebrated on the 5th nov..but now folk start early…often at halloween…your trick and treat night…and if it doesnt fall on a weekend we get it in the week and then the nearest weekend…parks etc often have communal bonfires and folk also have at home in their ‘yard’…fireworks are getting bigger and louder as there is poor legislation on selling them to the public…when i was a kid in was a bonfire in the garden on the night of the 5th…with a few sparklers and the odd roman candle, rocket and catherine wheel…dad would make bonfire toffee and toffee apples and we would bake potatoes in the fire…it was great fun…now it more commercial
    and very very noisy
    lots of scared doggies

    he looks well chilled suz  😀


    Was late back from parents house last night, fireworks going off all round  :what:
    Kept Madam on a loose lead and she trotted home for her tea as happy as Larry, tail wagging and relaxed.
    Only barked at them when she had eaten and was laying down in the living room ::)


    hes proper chilled about fireworks – one HUGE bang went off at one point so loud even i jumped – he jumped in his sleep and never even opened his eyes lol!

    and its doing honey good – long as they dont get stupidly loud she can cope it seems, i guess because the boys are so chilled.

    im just happy they didnt pick up her bad habits, we worked hard with dex when he was a pup on the whole nah we dont mind fireworks and touch wood its worked!

    Travis 1

    No problems with my 2,gave them their tea early as I know they both have a good sleep after eating

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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