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    Before I publish this on the general part of the forum I thought I would give you guys a heads up.  Whilst I am away later on this year I will get a lot of free time, but little internet access.  I can develop dog club on my laptop, so have been looking at what I can do.  One of the ideas is for breed notes.
    If you think this will be too controversial, let me know and I will drop it now.


    I have been looking at Dog Club and what I can do next with it (may be spend a little more time on the forum!) .  One of the ideas I have had is a breed notes section, similar to that in the Dog Press, where people can write articles about what is happening within that breed.  This could be show results, breed BIS, change in Club committees or AGM notices, social events, welfare news, the list could be very long.

    As you can imagine it would take a lot of time for me to keep an eye on every breed and write up what is happening, so like the Dog press I would most likely need to find breed editors.

    I am looking at 3 different ways of getting the information to be published:
    1. Anyone can write an article and have it reviewed by the breed editor.
    2. Members of the forum can post an article, may be reviewed by Dog Club or a breed editor
    3. Breed editors write the articles, but anyone can e-mail/pm them an article or information.

    Once I have an idea of what route I am going to take to run such a scheme, I can start on the web pages.

    In order to encourage breed editors to come forward I will be looking at using Google adverts from the breed editors on the breed notes page.  That way editors will get paid, from Google, for any Google advertising links that are clicked.  This would not apply to all adverts, as Kontera adverts can not be worked in this way (Kontera terms and conditions).  As you can imagine I would need to create some terms of reference for any breed editors.

    Your comments on this subject would be most welcome.

    I will publish in the future how to register an interest in becoming a breed editor.


    Why not email the breed clubs I am sure they would have someone willing to do it?

    ITs avery good idea too!  :ok:


    Sounds good – im guessing the best way to have it is that anything ‘published’ is run by breed editor first to prevent any misleading info posted etc etc  🙂


    It will be a big task to sort out the small print.  At the moment I am just getting the plan together.  I know there will be the problem of people re-doing what has appeared in the Dog Press already, so copyright will be another issue I would have to look at.

    I will sleep on it a little more and then may be publish the idea to the rest of the forum next week.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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