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    The cost for hip scoring by the BVA/KC panel is £30.60 per dog, 5 or more at the same time drops the charge to £24.40 per dog.

    In addition to this are the charges levied by the individual vet for anaesthetic and X-raying etc.

    This can vary, according to some members on this site, from apparently nothing to over £100 depending on geographical location, expertise, GA or sedation etc etc.

    If you get the hips and elbows done at the same time it is cheaper than separately and of course there should be no reason to do it separately.

    £58.50  is the price for hips and elbows together.  Elbows alone are the same price as hips alone.

    For Haemophilia testing you need to contact IDEXX laboratories who will send you the relevant phials etc which you take to the vet who will extract the blood and send off.

    You get the results back in a couple of weeks and so does the vet and the GSD Breed Council get the results too.

    GSD should also be tested for HC (Hereditary Cataract) annually until they are 3 when they will be certified HC clear.


    thank Yooh  :-* i better get saving then  😀


    The Breed Mean Score for GSD is 19 so for breeding purposes the dogs should be way below this, preferably in single figures, of course 0:0 is perfect! 😀

    Elbows are not added together like hips so if one elbow is 1 and the other is 3 the overall score will be 3. The maximum is 3, the ideal is 0:0.

    If the hips and elbow scores are satisfactory plus he has been haemophilia tested then he will be eligible to be breed surveyed; if Class 1 the dog will be eligible for the annual Sieger Show.


    i would have a heart attack if niko was 0:0,  😀  but it aint likley  🙂


    a clumber 0-0

    i wish – if not double figures it brill


    a 0:0 clumber would be amazing, i would be happy if niko werent double figures  🙂


    But numerically clumbers are a tiny group and like otterhounds (who have scores in the 40s or so) there is not a lot to choose from.

    With a numerically strong breed such as GSD and Labradors there is absolutely no excuse for breeding from anything but the best because there is not a limited gene pool, especially now with the pet passport system where GSD are being imported and going abroad to be mated.


    ps the other thing to consider is the teeth; you will not get a Breed Survey Class 1 without all 42 teeth in a GSD


    yep – sweetypye – i know just…well you know the justs

    ami was 9 15 – guess that pretty good – if that a score on a lab for example etc then yep – would have nightmares


    But then look at all those bred from stock that has not been scored!  ::)  (all breeds)


    Iv’e also always used Champdogs, great site, most link you to there website also, and like me you can search there pedigree names on Pedigree database.
    Heres a link just incase.
    Sam x


    I had Odin my male Rottie hip and elbow scored at the place in Southampton so he was only done under sedation….although the sedative didn’t actually have much effect on him lol!  It cost around £160 and that was January this year.

    Odin’s scores were 3, 3 for hips and 0:0 for elbows…I was really pleased with that.

    quote :

    But then look at all those bred from stock that has not been scored!  Roll Eyes  (all breeds)

    and those idiots who breed from scores like 100:70 🙁


    i’d rather have a “judged by eye” non scored pup from working generations than a crap score like that 🙁

Viewing 13 posts - 151 through 163 (of 163 total)
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