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    Whilst this sales and wants is a good place to find or sell doggie bits.  Please check very carefully anything that you wish to buy.

    Please be aware that Dog Club can not held liable as to the details of any thing offered for sale on this board.  As I say, please, Buyer beware.  ???


    Hi all
    Please check out my new book on dog behaviour written for all dog owners and includes two chapters on puppies and how to prevent problems occurring later on in life. The book concentrates on dog behaviour and what we have learned so far and does challenge the many theories of behaving like a pack leader etc. I am a qualified Animal behaviourist working in the Jersey (Channel Island) and have many years in this field. I appeared regularly on Channel Fours Pet Rescue and have co-authored The APBC book of Companion Animal Behaviour.

    To preview it click on

    its very good and covers all the questions you have ever wanted to ask such as why does my dog run off around the garden with my knickers etc.

    All the best
    Rosie Barclay (BSc (Hons) MPhil CCAB


    comes up with item not available 🙁


    Think that is because it’s only a proof Lassie

    [quote author=lassiemad link=topic=3269.msg150026#msg150026 date=1181155040]
    comes up with item not available 🙁


    well this has been reported but i am mega confused so can the member that reported put up an explaination please…..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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