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    Just forwarding an email I got yesterday…

        We are making a low-budget Feature Film currently being shot at QinetiQ – Longcross Studios near Chertsey and, having viewed your website, I was hoping you may be able to help me with an unusual request.

        This coming Wednesday, we are filming a scene set in a kennels, and we are looking for four canine stars to appear in the scene. Having viewed your website, I thought perhaps you may know of some local breeders or fellow dog owners who may be able to supply us with dogs. The larger the dog, the better – and the only acting requirement is that they can bark!

        Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

        Heather Brunt
        Assistant Coordinator – ’13 Hrs’
        T: 01344 635 798
        M: 0777 917 8979
        E: [email protected]


    Oooooh Rafe could be famous!!

    Except I’m working and live nowhere near Surrey.



    just up the road from me and boy can Kodi bark! 😀


    Go for it Sue 😉

    Wish we were closer 🙁


    can’t im working ::)


    sorry….said it before will say it again….wouldnt put any of my precious well beloved through the stress of lights camera action if they paid me a milion quid….and…why is there not a link to this site from your site…or is there and maybe it not working? or maybe it ignored?….guess we back to 2nd hand again….or?


    Not getting into site stuff – but Rafe would Lurve to be famous!  Imagine – all day long, people DOING stuff with you!  When we go to horse shows in summer, he’s in his element – OMG, all these people that just want to LOVE me, and pet me, and I get treats, and attention all the time!!

    I know some dogs who’d find it traumatic, but TBH, I think he’d love it!  But he is a bit special.    😉


    The worst thing IMO is the heat all those lights and more heat having been involved in film work I can tell you it’s a lot of hanging around dogs are props so thats where they wait with the props wagon.


    Oh, I don’t think he’d appreciate the heat.

    Think we’ll have to wait until they do a film which involves lots of water before he can make his screen debut.  Would be funny to watch him flatten keira knightley tho!!  Hee hee, doggy kisses all round!


    you know what – rafe would be FAB as a stunt dog …. the way he just plunges into water is astounding !!

    also – watch your insurance, you may not be covered by normal doggie insurance for work like this – worth checking b4 you go for the oscars !!


    The other thing about this is there are people out there that train animals for films and TV they spend a long time training these animals to do what they have too for the part, they won’t work for peanuts which is what this company will be offering if they offer anything, most of these adverts are a cheap way of getting animals.
    If you really think your dog could cope with the stress and the heat and all that hanging around get in touch with the animal agenties and tell then what your dog can do enclosing a picture but remember all the good animals work off just hand signals and when they say action they mean action not hang on why I have a scratch


    or a poop like that poor woman at crufts !!!!!!


    Oh no, I’d love Rafe to be famous in the same way that sometimes I’d love to be famous…

    Which is that it’s a nice thought, but I don’t really, really want it!  I’m happy enough with his fame (infamy) on here!

    Claire, we’ll have to make our own low-budget feature film with Rafe, Bonnie and Wills!  Wills can be the sound effects, Bonnie the damsel in distress, and Rafe the huge lumbering giant that rescues her from drowning (or makes it worse… perhaps Wills could rescue her from Rafe)…  You can just see it now!!


    😀 😀 😀 i would love to see that film ;D


    One of my previous Weim bitches was chosen to spearhead the petplan insurance campaign several years ago and was the cover girl for the handouts.

    Having been on several film sets previously as an extra I knew how boring a photo shoot was likely to be.

    Fortunately my dog was trained to pose on command and hit her mark at once and so the actual filiming took very little time as the lighting etc had been set up previously and the dog on wheels on the mark; this meant she dould wait in the car until the allotted time.

    I gave half my proceeds to Breed Rescue.

    As said previously normally there are dog wranglers who specialise in providing trained dogs and so a speculative ad such as this leads me to believe they are not kosher…………….   filiming takes time, time = money and most do not have either to waste……..

    ps forgot to mention that there has to be a vet on site during the whole affair (they are usually bored out of their minds too) and the company should have insurance cover for you and the dog.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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