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    mr bunkles

    hello please help if you can.  i have a 4 year old lab who recently broke his leg.  as the leg healed i noticed he had develpoed 1 baldy elbow.  i just put it down to the splint rubbing on it.  over the last week his other elbow has went bald and last night i noticed a couple of scab type marks on his leg.  i have been looking on the internet for answers and have worried my self now with all the horror stories i have read.  i have made an appointement at the vets for tuesday but just wondered if anyone has experienced a problem like this before as you could maybe give my some answers.  please help me if you can.  thanks.


    hi my boy has bald patchs on his elbows, its from were he chases the bunnies in his sleep 🙂
    i dont know if this is what has happened to your boy but someone will be able to help later, just try not to worry to much until then. :-*


    maybe posting some picture’s up of his elbows may help. My shepherd has scabs on his elbows which are called kennel sores because of him always lying on them. there is a post to read about kennels sores and what you can do to help them. Will find it for you :ok:


    my black lab has something similar, they are called calisises (i think thts how u spell it) he has elbow displaysia and as a results rests and lies on particular side causing calisis/scabby white patches. nothing to worry about but get let the vet take a look.  🙂


    My mum’s old lab had these from lying on the floor.. he was old and arthritic


    yeah they r common in labs particualy


    toby’s was like thickened skin.. was black, think her current black lab has them too…  :-\



    it sounds like it could be caused by a mix of your dog ‘favouring’ one side and / or a slight skeletal mis-alignment from the break setting and / or muscles compensating to support the broken and recovering leg.

    initially you could pop him back to the vets and they should give you a “check up” appointment for free if you tell them its concerns you have about the recent surgery. 

    another useful thing would be (if you can) to post some pictures of him standing square from the front, back and sides and also a picture of how he usually lies down and of the bald elbows.  lots of experienced gundog owners on here  🙂

    I had a rescue dog in over the summer who had concrete burns (hair loss and skin thickening due to being kept on hard and/or damp surfaces usually) i used vasaline to keep them from cracking and bleeding with good results.

    I believe in some cases tumours can develop on elbow callus tissue but I havent found anything to say this is any more common than the chances of the dog getting a tumour anywhere else.

    I would talk to the vet about referral for hydrotherapy and chiropractic work if you are concerned about an imbalance during / after healing too.  ppl will be able to tell u more if u can post pics x

    Claire x

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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