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    not sure were i should put this but hay ho feel free to move ;D

    on my thread about stans tum bev said about using pre/pro biotics so i went to [email protected] and had a look. before i use it i just wanted to check if it was the right one and if its ok to use. it is:
    Pro-C Probiotic by Vetark
    Vitamin C
    Lactobacillus acidophilus
    FOS Solubal Fibre Prebiotic

    or is it the same thing as useing yakult (sp)


    sounds ok.  :-\ but wait for bev or val.  i usually use natural live yoghurt – for the dogs that is – i think my diet is beyond repair.  ::)


    Cheaper to feed a banana for prebiotic and get probiotics that can withstand the stomach acid ie those from Healthspan.

    Yakult works out more expensive and not a lot manages to get to the gut where it is needed.

    I am very curious why electrolytes are in this product though as feeding electrolytes when they are not required is at best pointless and at worst an expensive waste of money.


    what about for those of us in the world that go  :-X :-X :-X at the smell of a banana. any alternatives?


    oh and kerrie

    in case you didn’t know.  🙂


    Live Yoghurt much cheaper  ;D


    thanks gsp ;D

    so what type of yoghurt should i be buying? sorry im not sure what you mean by live yoghurt

    should i give banana and yoghurt then or just yoghurt or yoghurt and something else

    sorry silly questions ;D


    no idea about banana. i just go in supermarket and look for one of thos big pots of yogurt – they say live and natural on them. think one i have been getting recently is called yeo? will see if i have in fridge to check.


    yep says yeo valley organic natural probiotic on the lid.

    and what was the name thread for.  >:D


    thanks uurrmmm Terry ;D im hopeless with names i even had to look it up, dont wory i still call bev kiz

    will have a look in tesco when im next in for some yoghurts. P[email protected] should take the powder back shouldnt they ??? its not been opened


    raw oats are also a good pre biotic


    hold on  😀

    so is oats and banana pre?
    yoghurt pro?


    yoghurt is definitely pro.

    since it sp and kiz saying would guess others are pre yes.  🙂


    ah i see, soooo (sorry will shut up soon promise ;D )

    i could give him yoghurt in the morning with his brekky (weetabix) and oats and/or banana on his dinner

    or the other way round ;D


    yoghurt can be either – if the yoghurt is made with inulin – an extract from the chicory then it works as a prebiotic

    i give yoghurt and narnies or raw oats as a prebiotic and use a probiotic powder – but i can’t remember the name as i bought it in bulk and the container split and it now in a plastic tub

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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