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    he looks fine to me – a rare breed a lab that isnt fat  😉  :-*


    [quote author=piglet link=topic=13398.msg257041#msg257041 date=1231444440]
    ahh 🙂  its Jessie i was thinking of widget – do you know what her weight is ?
    I will weigh her and let you know exact weight for you to compare with loki, he looks fine to me tho  😉


    Thanks Val – I won’t worry then  ;D

    I just wanted to see where he was on a sort of scale to see if I should try to shove a bit more food down him – but he honestly won’t take it.

    Just from this morning – so you can see:

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    I forgot to measure his wither height tho  ::)  will do that  ;D


    blimey he looks positively fat compared to what you had me imagining – i cant see any ribs or hip bones !!!


    😀 ;D

    He’s not that skinny! But you can see his ribs, just about, in the flesh  ;D  Def not hip bones tho.  It was more that I wanted to give him a score – I know he’s not a charity case  😛


    i will try and get some pictures of Meg – we have hip bones and ribs all sticking out

    getting any weight on her has always been a nightmare but any signs of stress and she drops weight rapidly right now she looks awful


    hes fine – hes at that stage where i normally tell owners that you dont want him to drop any but if he DID put a bit on it certainly wouldnt kill him either – hes fine – hes fit  :-*


    will have to get some pic’s of dodge… i don’t know baout him right now, he’s always taken after his mum being a very lean dog but recently he’s almost lost his waist completely. You can’t see his ribs but you can feel them and his spine and shoulders are really quite boney ??? he’s a strange one lol ::) will get ossme pic’s to post up :yes:


    ohmygod!! Loki has a waist! and a tuck!!  Are you absolutely sure he’s a Labrador!?   :canadian:

    He looks fab widget! I don’t do fat dogs and to me he looks ideal.     For interest, Sadie is 26 kg and is the ideal weight for her. Most labs we come across , even the reasonably fit ones , easily top the scales at 35kg +.  It’s so hard to tell with them though, there are so many different lines. Without a doubt the show line chocolate lab is by far the porkiest around these parts. Massive rotty heads too.

    Consider yourself lucky, Loki can even get some yummy treas and still be in good shape  8)


    He’s fine a lean mean running machine  :ok:
    He will only eat what he wants and needs (that is as rare as hens teeth with a lab) if you push the food to much he will have the squits and you don’t want that do you


    Suz – I agree I wouldn’t want him to drop any! But you are right – he isn’t too bad.

    Take some of Dodge Laura – will be interesting to see the differences anyway  ;D

    Nick – I know – I wouldn’t want a fat lab  ;D Agree chocs do seem fatter than the rest – with big skulls… But I can’t be too down on the cos Loki’s Dad is a choc – a very beautiful choc – but still…  😀  Yes – I never worry about overfeeding him – I guess thats a nice position to be in  🙂

    Val – thanks  🙂 – to be honest if I try to make him eat more it doesn’t seem to agree with him (he was sick on Christmas day after eating own body weight in turkey  :-[  ) – so I should just consider myself lucky I guess and not worry about him  🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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