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    Oh wise and lubbly people that yez are and thanks for your patience. No really, thanks. Seriously, I know I’m really annoying. And I smell.

    We got sit/down and working on extending the period of time she stays for (about 10 secs :D).
    I taught “speak” in record time yesterday and will work on “quiet” today as well. Apart from the “sit” this is the onlly thing that I’ve seen a light bulb on and she has really enjoyed.

    I click for each recall from day 1, even tho this isnt 100 per cent reliable yet(when I remember to have my clicker on me) and have started walking her yesterday (bit confused since Dizzy is worried about the outside world, do I just settle on letting her investigate or work on walking to heel from the get go, or will this ruin her confidence?).
    Been trying to get her to heel in the garden with the lead but my timing with the clicker has been crap and not sure whether to drop it and just keep it simple by luring her to my left clicking then every few steps that she stays there? She’s all over the joint and I feel vague as to what I should be clicking for in the smaller stages? I seem to keep clicking every time she bites the lead or just as she lunges forward.
    Anyone know of a free download of someone teaching heel?
    Attempting retreive (to replace tug, we noticed that she doesnt nip the kids on their way past so much when we stopped playing this game with her) but while she may do it perfect once or twice, isnt too interested in it.
    Also when I’m feeding the baby on the floor (thanks to Diesal for encouraging me to bring her more into the family life with the kids about, I was beginning o worry about how I was going to do it) she gets clcicked and treated for every 4-5 seconds she just lies patiently and quietly there and not licking/nibbling the baby. Again this is still only when I can watch her AND the kids closely but is much improving.
    Again “leave” for every point 2 seconds that she steals a sock or kids toys, loo roll etc and divert her to her own toys. Not there yet but at least the “leave” is 80 per cent there.

    Thing is my lesser half (and can you beleiv 19 yr old neice) thinks I may be working on too many things at once, a freind who trains Gun dogs says that with the clicker (tho she doesnt use one?) you can train many behaviours at once.
    But is it possible that the reason Dizzy hasnt got many her behaviours that I’m training down pat totally reliable yet cos I’m confusing her?
    I thought it was just because she’s a puppy, my lesser half compares her to our Gsd who would fall over himself for clicker training, he loved it, whereas Diz seems easily distracted? I have to admit, I’m wondering the same.

    I will make yez a gorgous Mocha with cream, chocolate Hobnobs and not breathe on you an everyfink!


    i’m not sure – but i would have thought as long as you are training each behaviour separately and consistently it shouldn’t be a problem – after all you don’t just teach children one thing at a time.  🙂 but considering the level of my dogs training i am probably not the best one to ask.  😀


    Whether or not you are teaching “too many” things to your dog will really be down to the dog and your skills.  I teach many things at the same time;

    Question; why are you clicking your dog for remaining down, do you want her to keep getting up?

    I would just feed and lose the click as of course the click signals the end of the behaviour that it is correct and a reinforcement is coming.

    Just a thought.

    Are your expectations of yoru dog reasonable, how old is the dog and how long have you been training; many things are not “down pat” until hundreds if not thousands of repetitions.


    Cheers Gspmad 😀 lol

    Sweetypye. I think your right, I’m expecting too much from her, she’s only 11 weeks.
    I’l try as you suggest with the staying calm round the baby and dropping the clicker for treats.. I was trying to just get her to offer a lie or a sit round the baby since we do have a few in the family and to just stay calm round them. She’ll throw a skidding down for me when I settle on the floor to feed Ds. But the association is ONLY when I’m feeding ds which of course is the only time we’ve worked on it.
    Bizzarrly enough I feel a bit more chilled out! Have a Hob Nob.


    cue the behaviour then re-enforce the sustaining of it – then diminish the treats

    use the treat delivery time to speed up or slow things down

    train in cues in training sessions then test when adding criteria like baby feeds


    Thanks Kiz bird ;D
    What do you mean by useing the treat delivery time to speed up or slow down?
    I know…I’m a plonker


    she means you instantly click the behaviour you want. to the dog click = right behaviour and treat is coming – treat can come in split second or 3 or 4 seconds or 10 seconds… if you see what i mean. may not be explaining very well, am feeling extremely grotty this morning. so click always has to be at moment of behaviour – but can take longer or shorter times about giving treat.

    my ruddy pointer  >:D bless his hairy paws  :-* barks continually when i am freeshaping – until he gets the click – then he knows treat is coming and he shuts up until he has the treat.  ::) 😀


    Cheers Gspmad-makes perfect sense to me. I’m impressed. You got the lurgy?


    muchly.  🙁


    Aww bless. You need some hot disgusting broth made from spinich and terpentine.
    Have some sympathy and some squishes


    thank you.  :-*

    i think what i need is a new immune system.


    [quote author=Sweetypye link=topic=11948.msg228923#msg228923 date=1215434484]
    Whether or not you are teaching “too many” things to your dog will really be down to the dog and your skills.  I teach many things at the same time;


    i think that is very much the key

    Oban has to be doing many things at once – if you just do one thing he starts shutting down
    where as Flyte only has enough room in her air head for half a thing at once then another half a thing and you hope that eventually it gets to the whole thing  ::)

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