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    my local trainer has agreed to let me shadow him on his visits but he doesnt have the third party liability insurance so i need to get insurance that will cover me for dog training.
    if you know of any insurers please let me know thanks ;D


    I think the trainer should have 3rd party insurance too…as he is inviting people to use his services.
    Supposing one of them has an accident on his premises ?


    i think he is covered if his clients have an accident but not any students he might have but i think he is looking into changing his insurance.

    thanks woofums ;D


    okthey wont do a policy for someone to shadow a trainer


    [quote author=kerrie and stan link=topic=13018.msg251000#msg251000 date=1226404996]
    okthey wont do a policy for someone to shadow a trainer

    They wouldnt, he needs to get it as its his business.


    walk hun…

    he either hasnt got any or….

    cost me £10 to get izzie added onto mine …

    you shouldnt be having to do this unless you taking out your own already….but if you trailing a trainer then it is thats trainers res to do it…you are HIS liability …if not prepeared then he shouldnt be accepting you to shadow…  and even if you do your own…what if that trainer makes a booboo…what if it trainers ‘fault’ …..insurers will go into insurer liability argument…and you dont need to go there at this stage…

    if he cant / wont do then walk….cos if he cant do that……


    fair enough bev

    its just that i realy want to shadow a trainer and get into that side of dogs and he is the best trainer on the island, his teaching is similar to yours bev. but i dont know i will have to speak to him and my tutor i think

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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