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    The Canine Massage Therapy Centre invites you and your dog to learn and practice the benefits has to offer your canine athlete. Learn how to enhance performance, reduce risk of injury & GET THE EDGE!

    This comprehensive 1 day workshop is designed specifically for the agility,obedience and sporting dog. Repetitive & intense competition and training can take its toll on your dogs body with areas of accumulated stress easily affecting their performance. This day shows you the owner how you can positively influence and maintain the muscular health of your dog so
    they are able to perform to the very best of their abilities.

    Workshop Contents

    • How & Why Massage Works For Sporting Dogs
      Identify & Locate Bony Landmarks & MainMuscles
      Why warming up & cooling down your dog has
      postively impact on performance and competition
      Common Injury areas that can affect performance
      – catch them before they become a problem!
      Tutorial 1 – The Pre Event Warm Up Routine
      how to get your dog warmed up & ready for
      Tutorial 2 – Post Event Cool Down Routine
      how to soothe aching muscles, drain lactic
      acid, reduce stiffness and speed recovery
      Tutorial 3 – Massage Maintenance at home

    9.30am – 4.30 pm, £75 includes workbook and certificate
    Bromsgrove, Worcs,M5 J4/M42 J1
    or request a day in your home
    town anywhere in the UK!

    Call 01562 630535
        07877 540728

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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